Healthcare Administration Capstone Discussion 2/2


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Healthcare Administration Capstone Discussion 2/2
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Problem Statement

Please respond to the following discussion topic. Your initial post should be a minimum of 150 words in length. Then, make at least two thoughtful responses to your fellow students’ posts.

After you have received approval from your instructor regarding your proposed problem, post a brief overview of your problem in the discussion forum. What made you decide on this particular problem? Why is it important to be addressed? Briefly discuss what impact it will have on healthcare should the problem persist. Be sure to provide feedback on at least two of your peers’ statements.

it has been approval 


Selection of problem

W1 Assignment 1

“Healthcare care staff shortage: Using a compensation strategy for employee retention.”

Recently it is observed that the shortage of healthcare staff had become an issue for healthcare organizations. The shortage of healthcare staff negatively influences patient satisfaction levels in the healthcare organization. The retention of healthcare staff, specifically nursing professionals, had been increasing pressure on healthcare administrators. Due to vast opportunities, nursing staff and physicians are looking for better positions. The management objective of cost reduction becomes a hurdle for healthcare managers to implement dynamic human resources policies. The legal and ethical environment related to healthcare organizations from the perspective of human resource management will be discussed in the proposed project. 

The proposed study explains the historical data for the shortage of healthcare staff with specific regard to nursing professionals. The role of healthcare administrators will be described in the research. The techniques like pay-for-performance (P4P) will be discussed. This study provides insights for human resource managers and healthcare administrators (HSA) for attaining employee retention. The need for implementing a competitive compensation package and training programs for healthcare staff at all levels will be included. It is strongly believed that in service organizations the customer satisfaction is possible only with employee satisfaction. Therefore the employee satisfaction at all levels in healthcare organizations leads to patient satisfaction. Hence this problem statement had been selected for the final project. 

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