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Submit the third milestone of your final project.  

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Project on – Venice Family Clinic

Item budget proposal –  Electronic Health Record (EHR) Systems  


Prompt: After reviewing your proposal outline, your boss has strongly recommended that you identify options for implementing your capital proposal. Wanting to submit a successful proposal and earn a $2,500 bonus, you plan to do just that. Previously, you created a departmental budget that considered the costs and revenue associated with your capital budget item. For Milestone Three, you’ll go one step further and research the options for implementing your capital budget item(s). This research will culminate in a short paper identifying the capital item(s) you are proposing, describing: 

I. Impacts and Justification 

  1. Short-Term Impact: What short-term impact will this request have on the overall financial statements used for decision making and on financial
  2. Long-Term Impact: What long-term impact will this request have on the overall financial statements used for decision making and on financial
  3. Cost-Benefit: What is the percentage increase in financial need? How does this balance with the potential value added by your requests? What is
    the cost-benefit of these requests?
  4. Strategic Planning: Provide an explanation for each budget request in your proposal, taking into consideration strategic plans. How do your
    budget requests show strategic planning and forethought?
  5. Conflicts: Describe the strategic impact and any potential ways in which your recommendations might conflict with the overall strategic vision.

When discussing the benefits, indicate whether your proposal will affect each of the key healthcare operating indicators and why the proposal will or will not have that affect. 

Requirements of submission: Your paper must be submitted as a two- to three-page document with double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, one-inch margins, using APA for citations. 

For additional details, please refer to the Milestone 3 guidelines and rubric.


Excel Budget attached below with milestone 2. Please read before moving forward to milestone 3

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