give a very brief overview of the anatomy and physiology

In relation to your chosen patient, discuss the pathophysiology of their presenting condition and using evidence based literature explore current surgical treatment options for your patient (10%).  
(Suggested length for your answer approximately 380 words).    
First, give a very brief overview of the anatomy and physiology i.e. what and where is it and how does it function. E.g. Susan – function of the adrenal gland, Ajay – function of the appendix, Gianna – function of the hip joint (see current A and P textbooks e.g. Martini/Marieb and/or research/articles). You could write pages on the structure and function but you must do this in a 3-4 sentences due to the word limit. You need to show that you understand the basic function of an organ in order to understand the pathophysiology.   
Next discuss briefly the pathophysiology and how the condition is currently treated surgically E.g. Susan – what is Cushing’s Syndrome & current surgical treatment for an adrenal tumour; Gianna what is osteoporosis & current surgical treatment for a fractured hip; Ajay what is appendicitis & current surgical treatment for appendicitis (you can find this information in current pathophysiology textbooks for a description of the condition e.g. Bullock and Hales 2013 etc. and current research for current surgical treatments) (remember the suggested word lim

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give a very brief overview of the anatomy and physiology
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