Gambling and Public Policies

A public policy is a deliberate preparation of action created and expected to direct and assist decision making in able to attain rational outcomes. The word “public policy” applies to different sectors of the society. This includes: government, the private sector, non-government organizations, groups and other individuals. Examples of public policies are taken from presidential executive orders, corporate privacy policies, and parliamentary rules of order and other similar laws. Public policies are different from rules or laws.

Laws can induce or prohibit behaviors while a policy merely guides actions on the way to those that are most likely to accomplish their desired outcomes. Public policies can be viewed and seen as political, management, financial, and administrative mechanisms that are created and arranged to reach specific goals. Gambling Casting lots and playing board games have moved to online casinos, peer to peer gambling and sports gambling. What does a casino, a roulette wheel and other forms of gambling have in common? They all provide a huge chance of winning loads of money.

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Gambling and Public Policies
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This is because they are based on the principle of greed and sloth. Presently, our casino’s today marks a lot in history. The very idea that makes people gamble has been going on since the creation of men. (Higgins, 2006) This paper will focus on positive and negative effects of gambling, other forms of gambling like gambling on sports and finally after providing enough information about the different aspects of gambling as a whole and how public policies affect this. This paper will give a statement of whether gambling o sports in the USA should be legalized or not.
Just like everything in this wretched world, I believe that gambling has its good side and bad side. There are a lot of positive benefits of gambling that a lot of persons are not even being aware of. It is always important to look at both this sides of the story before deciding whether or not gambling is a good idea or not. There will always be many negative effects of gambling on people and society. One of the most common positive features of gambling in sports is that many people enjoy the gambling as a sport and hobby. These people don’t have any problems with gambling at all. These are the positive sides of gambling issue.
Gambling on sports provides a lot of money for community raising activities The argument clearly tells us that people who are having fun with gambling shouldn’t suffer just because other people are having a hard times controlling themselves. In my opinion, there are many positive and negative sides of gambling. All these effects include the effects of gambling on families. Spending all your money on gambling is one of the problems of gambling. This act will affect your family. They will have nothing to spend, nothing to eat, nothing drink, and nothing to pay bills and other stuff.
Internet gambling only made the situation much worse. Gambling on the internet made a lot of people lose huge amounts of money because of its easy accessibility. However, all of the money which is spent on gambling is used to help a lot of people so this gives us another aspect about the story of gambling. Public Policies and Gambling Public policies greatly affect the gambling scene because they either promote or prohibit the gambling scene. Most of the time, state policies regarding gambling are in favor of the act. Most of them are having this “legalized gambling” policy.
Discussing about legalized gambling will bring us to a point which we should evaluate our own knowledge on this matter. Doing legalized gambling is a very confusing act. One of the things that get often overlooked in the idea that gambling is wrong is the benefits of legalized gambling in sports. So many people say that gambling is wrong and they fail to notice that there are benefits of legalized gambling. (Ahlberg et al. , 2004) The benefits of legalized casino gambling are that sometimes people are gambling for fun and for entertainment, and the money that they spend is then being used for good.
People fail to notice these legalized gambling benefits, because sometimes the cost of legal gambling vs. benefits is something that is really hard for some people to discover. . Even though there are lots of people with gambling problems in sports, there are also lots of benefits of legalized gambling in sports. (Ghanimian et al. , 2006) If people with problems can seek help, then the benefits of legalized gambling can be shared by everyone. It is simply too hard for some people to see that there might be benefits to legalized gambling in sports, because it is true that lots of people’s lives have been destroyed by gambling.
However, gambling in sports makes lots of money for the state, and this money goes to many different programs, some of which even help people who have gambling problems. There are simply a lot of benefits to weight before a decision is made. Conclusion Gambling in sports, obviously presents strong proof and confirmation that humans still possess the greed and sloth in their mind and body. Without thinking a lot about the consequences, many of today’s citizens still do a lot of gambling and spend a lot of money in “chance” games whether it is gambling related in sports, cockfighting, card games, or just a simple guessing game.
Advertisements and attractive promos give way to the impending financial crisis of people and families who are affected by snakes of the gambling syndrome. No matter how many laws we the government creates to control or suppress it. It will always come out on top. Why? This is because it is human nature to desire for more and do it the risky way. Legalized gambling will make people realize that if they already lost everything then they only have themselves to blame. It is always the responsibility of each individual to take care of his/her own self.
If you gamble a lot then you must be ready for the consequences. Everything in this world has its own limits. People who do not control themselves in gambling will really destroy their lives and families. Knowing when to stop and how to stop should always be in the minds of gamblers. Laws that ban gambling in certain areas only fuel the desires of gamblers to do more gambling. It is better to legalize gambling because it helps the economy. Individual problems of people who are addicted to gambling should not be the point of interest. We are responsible for ourselves and for own actions.
Legalizing gambling around the world will generate a lot of money to help the needy and the poor people. It should be our principle that everything in excess is BAD. Self control is the answer to all gambling related problems, not laws or even bans stop the desire for gambling. It is SELF-CONTROL. Works Cited Ahlberg, P. E. and Clack, J. A. “Anti Gambling. ” Natural ,410 (2004): 737–759. Carroll, R. L. ,. Effects of Gambling, NY: W. H. Freeman and Company, 1988. Daeschler, E. B. , and Shubin, Neil.. Casino Madness Chance Games, 391(1998):133. Daeschler, E. B. , Shubin, N. H. , and Jenkins, F. A. , Jr. “Double Digits.
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