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Discussion 1 Unit 4

Ad Hominem fallacy
The ad hominem fallacy makes an inappropriate reference to a person’s character or behavior. How can you distinguish between an inappropriate ad hominem attack and an appropriate use of evidence. Provide an example of a situation where making a reference to a person’s behavior or character might be appropriate, and probably would not be ad hominem

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for john mureith
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Discussion 2
Find an advertisement (print, online, the radio, or on television) that uses at least two of the fallacies from the unit. Explain what you have seen and/or heard. Provide a link, if possible. Identify and explain the fallacies in the advertisement?Why are these fallacies used in the argument?

Discussion 3 Unit 5
What are three key assumptions that you often make about the world, people, reason, etc.? How do these assumptions influence the implications and inferences you use in argument? What assumptions did you once make that you had to later reject?

Discussion 4 Unit 6
Reliability of Websites
Pick a website you commonly visit and describe it. Are you confident you know who the author is? How reliable is the information on the website? What are some practical strategies for testing the reliability of evidence online?

Discussion 5 unit 7
Visual Image Analysis
Choose a photograph from a newspaper or news magazine. Explain and describe the visual image in your own words. Does the visual image make an argument? Would the visual image persuade a reasonable person or does the image employ fallacious reasoning?

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