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Self-Assessment Reflection

As you have discovered throughout this course, interpersonal communication is a vital element in how you interact with those around you. Both in your daily life and the business environment, sound knowledge and use of interpersonal communication skills allow for effective interaction with those around you.
Throughout this course, you have encountered many complex communication concepts you may not have previously considered. How will you use what you have learned in future personal and professional interactions?
In this Reflection, you analyze your communication styles.

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To prepare:

Review the Learning Resources for the course.
Review your Discussion postings and Assignments.
Consider your growing competence of interpersonal communication skills.
Reflect on what you learned throughout this course. Your journey began by defining interpersonal communication and the way you communicate with those around you. You looked inward to examine your own presentation styles and perceptions of those around you. Next, you explored how your self-presentation style affects your communication goals      both positively and negatively, depending on how deftly you can navigate difficult conversations and situations. Finally, you looked at how the knowledge of individual communication behaviors and their use can help foster more effective communication with the world around you.

With these thoughts in mind: 

Compose a Reflection paper of at least 2 pages that addresses the following questions: 

What feedback do you get from others about their perception of you? 
What have you learned about your conflict management styles and when to use them? 
What communication styles do you use to influence others? 
In what ways can the lessons learned in this course apply to your professional life?
How can you put aside your personal biases to successfully work with people who lack effective communication skills or      who have a different style of communication? 
How do you approach communication with people who have different values or beliefs?

The Reflection paper must be substantive. Draw on course readings and reference relevant theories in your response. Cite any references in APA style.

Be sure to support your work with specific citations from this week’s Learning Resources and any additional sources.

Due by Sunday 10-8-17

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