film sound review

I need a 3-page reviewing a specific movie sound and how the sound impacted the movie, please follow the following instructions:
Give an overall statement about what the film accomplishes in its use of sound, and then make sure you provide specific examples to back up the assertion. The danger here is that since something is now evident to you after studying it, that it seems self-evident, which nothing is. You have to PROVE everything you say with at least one well-described example.
There is a big difference between a zoom shot and a tracking shot. Make sure you’re writing accurately when describing either one.
Be careful not to slip into “movie review” talk. Keep words such as “fantastic, wonderful, cool,” etc., out of an analytical paper. This is an analysis—think cold and scientific instead of admiring and gushing.
The words “interesting,” “effective” or “significant” generally don’t belong in an analysis. If something IS interesting, etc., be more specific about it. Go the next deeper level and tell me what’s going on, and then describe it more specifically. Tell me what the film is doing at that point.
It’s best all around to avoid the word “very,” too.
Keep profanity and slang out of the paper unless you are quoting a line from the film.
When you write a character’s name, write the actor’s name in parenthesis next to it AT THE FIRST REFERENCE ONLY: e.g. “When Rachel (Drew Barrymore) enters the room…” Then refer to the character from then on, unless you are specifically talking about the actor playing the character.

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film sound review
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