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Families look forward to vacation time it is always exciting. The family has to choose where they will vacation. There are things to consider when picking the right vacation location that everyone in the family will enjoy. Two common-places families choose for vacation is Disney, and a cruise. Both places have a variety of activities, which are fun. The cruise offers activities that Disney cannot offer and Disney offers activities the cruise cannot offer. Disney, and the cruise are totally different.
This essay will compare and contrast the types of activities, climate, and the locations of Disney and the cruise. Both vacation locations have a variety to offer, and the choice will depend on what the family is seeking to accomplish on vacation. First, the tree aspects of Disney are types of activities, climate, and location. It is important for a vacation to be enjoyable that the climate is pleasant. The hot weather in Florida is the first barrier to enjoying Disney, but the temperature and climate in Florida determines the types of activities Disney offers.
Florida is a place that is always hot, and during the summer it rains every day. Disney is on land and the only water involvement is the water theme parks. A person can choose not to participate in the water activities if he or she cannot swim. The rain, however; does not mess up the vacation plans because the sun shines most of the time. The theme parks, water parks, shopping, and eating with characters are some of the activities the family can enjoy in Disney. Disney brings out the child in every adult, and children literally lose him or herself in the activities.

Fun and sun are two words that describe Disney. The night life in Disney is fun however; the excitement is during the day. Second, the three aspects of a cruise are types of activities, climate, and location. The climate for a cruise is both warm, and cold, and it is important depending on where a person wants to travel. If a person dislikes the ocean, he or she may have a hard time on a cruise. Another issue for a cruise is becoming sea sick and not participating in the activities. The sea and the warm climate determine the available activities on a cruise.
Gambling, nightclubs, formal dinners, and excursions are some activities individuals enjoy when going on a cruise. The night life on the cruise is the exciting part for adults and the day life is more exciting for the children. In some of the cities the cruise docks restaurants, dancing, and parties are everywhere. There are many cruise lines and locations people can go and have a vacation to remember. Royal Caribbean, Norwegian, and Carnival are cruise lines that families can travel with, and have fun. There are cruises for the entire family and for adults only.
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Depending on what a person is trying to experience a cruise has a variety of locations to offer. With a cruise the family can travel outside the country and experience other cultures. No matter which place a family decides to choose fun is a guarantee. Families often choose one of two locations to spend their vacation. Much preparation goes into the vacation planning, and depending on which activities, location, and climate the choice is made. Sometimes taking a risk on a different vacation spot can be fun and exciting.
Disney is one location, and a cruise can offer a variety of different locations. When an individual thinks of Disney, he or she thinks family, Mickey Mouse, theme parks, and hot. When an individual thinks of a cruise, he or she thinks of partying, drinking, and a getaway from the children. Expanding and changing the mind to enjoy where ever, a person vacations is rewarding. Fun and excitement is the ultimate goal of any vacation. Family vacations bring the family closer together, and this is a time for bonding.

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Family & Friends
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