Exam Paper Model Answers S

Q1 what do you learn from Geoffrey Lean’s article about the issues of rainfall and flooding in Britain ? From reading the article by Geoofrey Lean it is clear that there are some issues reagarding flooding in Britain. Firstly it is made clear in the heading that the article is about water and the concerns that are related to it . This article is also compering the South and the North of England . It says that the South gets less water and is not affected that much by flooding issues as Northern part does. «Things are only going to get worse» .
This quote makes me scared and worried about what is going on and then the article gives me statistics about the global warming which makes me worried even more! Various government initiatives have also been mentioned by this article . For example that new houses «should be built with their living areas on the first floor» or «hospitals and other vital buildings should be built on high ground …» . Conversely,there is clearly a need to look at the ways we can make the flooding less damaging to our houses and how to make South not increasing the prices on the water .
As Lean points out at the end local councils finally began to take it seriously and start planning the ways to protect pupils houses . Q2 Explain how the headline ,sub’heading and picture are effective and how they link to the text The headline ,sub-heading and picture are very effective to the rest of the article . The headline begins with «Four amputations». This is very strong phrase as this is a real challenge to live happily after that. So the headline immidediately suggests a hard-hearted tone and perhaps one which is slightly inspiring.

The notion that this might relate to the swimmer who is illustrated in the picture as we can see a it might be a colourfull picture to show the blue waves and the man who is fighting them. The subheading continues the insiring and hard to believe approach with the phrase « 16 years after loosing all his limbs ,Philippe Croizon crosses Channel». It is expanding the purpose of the text and tells the reader more about this swimmer,things like his name and the certain years make it really effective as well as «13 hours – one extraodinary swim» .
This phrase in the headline makes people interested in this article . The inspirational tone is further developed throughout the article,with phrases such as «TWO YEARS ago,Phiippe Croizon could barely swim at all» and «he learnt to swim using a snorkel and prosthetic legs with built-in flippers». The picture also relates to the text as it clearly shows the big waves and an inspired man that wants to «prove that I am still alive» .
The use of colours helps illustrate his view of the journey as a 13 hour way in the « handicap and the treacherous Channel tides and currents …». Q3 Explain some of the thoughts and feelings Christopher Ondaatjue has about his experience of Lake Victoria. Christopher Ondaatjue has a whirlwind of thoughts and feelings during his cross of the Lake Victoria on his way to Nile. He reiterates how enjoyable the landscape was by saying «beutiful expanse of water». He focused on the calmness and the nature of this place and expressing his feelings as wonderful.
He writes the things that were going on at that time like «glimmers of golden light» or «red ball rose over the hills behind Mwanza» to show how enjoyable the situation is and gives us a sense of his pleasure to be there . He is describing the atmospehere of nature as it should be without any technological interventions. As he comes to the ferry which should transport him to the over coast of the Lake ,he started to describe his thoughts about it and using very descriptive and simple language. He coudn’t feel that silence anymore as «the eople pressed up against the frond of the ferry ,along the sides and against the rails». It was maybe a bit of a panic for some of them and Christopher also uses the exposion how hot it was and it was getting even hotter. That helps me to realise that he was hot and the people who were standing aroung him made the atmosphere even more noisy and hotter. The extract finishes by the much the same way as it starts: he took the ferry to travel to this Lake and then something makes me think that he will do it again to move further to Nile. This cyclical pattern of writing mirrors the cyclical nature of storm .

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Exam Paper Model Answers S
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