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Science 7thb grade
S7L1. Obtain, evaluate, and communicate information to investigate the diversity of living organisms and how they can be compared scientifically. a. Develop and defend a model that categorizes organisms based on common characteristics. b. Evaluate historical models of how organisms were classified based on physical characteristics and how that led to the six kingdom system (currently archaea, bacteria, protists, fungi, plants, and animals). (Clarification statement: This includes common examples and characteristics such as, but not limited to, prokaryotic, eukaryotic, unicellular, multicellular, asexual reproduction, sexual reproduction, autotroph, heterotroph, and unique cell structures. Modern classification will be addressed in high school.)
Social Studies 8th Grade
SS8H2 Analyze the colonial period of Georgia’s history. a. Explain the importance of the Charter of 1732, including the reasons for settlement (philanthropy, economics, and defense). b. Analyze the relationship between James Oglethorpe, Tomochichi, and Mary Musgrove in establishing the city of Savannah at Yamacraw Bluff. c. Evaluate the role of diverse groups (Jews, Salzburgers, Highland Scots, and Malcontents) in settling Georgia during the Trustee Period. d. Explain the transition of Georgia into a royal colony with regard to land ownership, slavery, alcohol, and government. e. Give examples of the kinds of goods and services produced and traded in colonial Georgia.
Math 8th Grade
MGSE8.EE.6 Use similar triangles to explain why the slope m is the same between any two distinct points on a non‐vertical line in the coordinate plane; derive the equation y = mx for a line through the origin and the equation y = mx + b for a line intercepting the vertical axis at b.
Math 10th Grade
MGSE9-12.S.ID.8 Compute (using technology) and interpret the correlation coefficient “r” of a linear fit. (For instance, by looking at a scatterplot, students should be able to tell if the correlation coefficient is positive or negative and give a reasonable estimate of the “r” value.) After calculating the line of best fit using technology, students should be able to describe how strong the goodness of fit of the regression is, using “r.” MGSE9-12.S.ID.9 Distinguish between correlation and causation.
Secondary Biology
SB3. Obtain, evaluate, and communicate information to analyze how biological traits are passed on to successive generations. a. Use Mendel’s laws (segregation and independent assortment) to ask questions and define problems that explain the role of meiosis in reproductive variability. b. Use mathematical models to predict and explain patterns of inheritance. (Clarification statement: Students should be able to use Punnett squares (monohybrid and dihybrid crosses) and/or rules of probability, to analyze the following inheritance patterns: dominance, codominance, incomplete dominance.) c. Construct an argument to support a claim about the relative advantages and disadvantages of sexual and asexual reproduction.
Middle Grades English
ELAGSE6RI7 Integrate information presented in different media or formats (e.g., visually, quantitatively) as well as in words to develop a coherent understanding of a topic or issue. ELAGSE6RI8 Trace and evaluate the argument and specific claims in a text, distinguishing claims that are supported by reasons and evidence from claims that are not. ELAGSE6RI9 Compare and contrast one author’s presentation of events with that of another (e.g., a memoir written by and a biography on the same person).
Educational Technology
AAVTC-AVTFI-4 Demonstrate proper set-up and use of basic production equipment. 4.1 Demonstrate steps necessary to set-up, turn on, and operate equipment according to instructor’s directions. 4.2 Use both traditional camcorders and non-traditional capture devices like DSLR cameras, smart phones and iPads to record and edit video. 4.3 Demonstrate proper picture composition techniques. 4.4 Demonstrate proper camera movement.
Georgia Department of Education
Georgia Department of Education January 25, 2012 Page 5 of 7 All Rights Reserved
4.5 Demonstrate proper use of microphones. 4.6 Identify qualities of a technically acceptable audio track. 4.7 Demonstrate mastery of aesthetics to include composition, coordination, balance, and color contrast. 4.8 Demonstrate basic lighting techniques. 4.9 Explain the care, storage, and use of media hardware and software. 4.10 Determine proper cables for set-up and operation of production equipment.

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