Ethics case study: Discussion #1

Read the case studies instructions and the grading rubric before you begin. There are requirements to receive an “A” grade. For example, you have to give evidence that you have done research.
Case study #1: You work in a large office and you are in charge of payroll. Everyone is paid by the hour and everyone is supposed to work an eight hour work day from 8AM to 5PM with one hour off for lunch. One employee has been very friendly to you for some time now, and she has eaten lunch with you on occasion. You have observed that she has started staying longer and longer for her lunch break, very often going out-to-eat for lunch, and not reporting this accurately on her time card . She has been “crying on your shoulder” about her marriage problems. She says she has been dealing with some difficult issues and a divorce looks imminent. Nevertheless, you confront her about the time card inconsistencies. She says it has been necessary for her to visit her attorney and to do other errands instead of going to lunch. She begs that you will not tell the office manager and “squeal” on her. What are you going to do?

1. Are you going to report her to the office manager?
2. Are you going to let her off if she does not do it again?
3. Are you going to tell her that she must confess to the office manager?
4. Are you going to let her have the extra time, because she is in a difficult situation?
5. Are you going to dock her pay by the amount that you think she is late, but not report this to the office manager as to why you are doing this?
6. Are you going to choose some other alternative?

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Ethics case study: Discussion #1
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See the instructions for how you should approach these case studies.
Research suggestions: 
1. For research, you might look up something on “honesty” or “moral integrity.” 
2. Study the idea of virtuous living in the instructor’s lesson for week 8. Consider especially virtues like honesty, integrity, fidelity, being truthful, and being diligent.
3. From the Bible you might study Leviticus 19:36; Proverbs 16:11; Ephesians 4:28.

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