Essay on Developing Corporate Culture

This essay is to understand the corporate culture in an organization. Culture is that term that is regularly used in workplace discussions. The concept of corporate culture is particularly important when attempting the organization-wide change. There’s been a great deal of literature generated over the past decade about the concept of organizational culture particularly in regard to learning how to develop organizational culture. Culture is the path to the success of the organization.
It refers to the performance because it is directly concerns with the behavior of an organization. 1 Characteristics of Corporate Culture Affects the Achievement of the Organization Honda (Literature Review) Parker (2000) asserts that culture is primarily concerned with social control. This area of Interest continues to develop as a debate around the theory that cultural control is mediated through ‘Identification processes Which are embedded in narrative (Alveolus and Wolcott, 2002; Humphreys and Brown, 2002).
Chain and College (2002) argue that the discourse of ‘corporate cultures’ relates to a cultural process of human development, a process which is articulated by Thompson 1 990:124), as involving: “a general and progressive process of human development, in the mind, faculties, manner and comportment through education and training, and hence, becoming cultivated or civilized”. This definition, I believe, encapsulates the essence of culture as a control process.

Thompson argues that the subjectivity of the self Is targeted by a dominant group to craft a ‘linguistic habits’, (Broodier, 1991) or In layman terms a dominant group controls the way In which people may talk, the words they use, their grammar and in doing so they control concepts in use and thus how people think. Culture effects the achievement of the organizational growth as it Is a very debatable Issue, so let’s understand It by one theory. A culture Is the drive force that pushes the organization towards growth or towards decline.
In peter and waterman words (1982) it is a psychological theory of the link between organizational and business performance. Honda motors is having the very strong culture in between the organization in between their employees they believe that If they sit together while for their lunch time to share their values and norms with each other that is why each plant of Honda motors have the one cafe area for managers and neural managers, in that sense to tie them in strong relationship of success.
Honda motors believes is good climate or they have very good corporate culture on the organization, that Is understand by the number of activates performed by Honda as an organization. There is one parking lot for each employee either he is manager, co- manager and general workers, they believe that there is relationship is every employee so their one cafe area where every employee of Honda motors seat and have their food with common understanding and share their values and objectives for the growth of organization.
Their manufacturing units are designed In such a way so that manager can watch the performance of their workers from their office. 1 1 Models AT organization culture can De uses to conclave organizational adjectives Before understanding the models of organizational culture, it is necessary to understand the objectives for Honda motors. Honda motors have one objective and that is, how they approach towards growth in the current economic situations?
What are the policies and procedures Honda motors has to fallow to give the challenge to their competitors as well as to meet out the demands of their customers? In short an objective of the Honda motors is the process that is fallow by them to meet out challenges in between their growth. Let’s look out the elements specifically Strategy: – plans make to build the competitive advantages over competitors. Structure: – how they organism themselves? Who should report whom?
System: – daily activities or the routine work, which they have to fallow. Shared values: -it is also called “subordinate goals”, it shows the corporate culture and work ethical values. Style: – how leadership works inside the organization to meet the challenges. Staff: – bout the capabilities of the employees. Skills: – actual strength of the individual for the best use for organization. Figure 1 shows the Muckiness’s as model which is followed by Honda motors to meet out the hurdles in between them and their growth.
How it works in Honda By improving the performance The effects of change in the future Sort out the problems at the time of acquisition and mergers Best use of proposed strategic plan’s The above model is a three circle organizational effectiveness model which show the three components that are necessary to achieve the organizational effectiveness in ark related aspects and establishes an organizational culture and an effective workplace that helps organizations objectives by helping employees forge a career and also has a dual agenda to simultaneously help the organization succeed.
It involves accountability across all levels of management and outlines the means to achieve and measure organizational objectives. The above shown figure is a Rousseau model; by using this model the organization can capture the key elements from inaccessible to accessible. This also helps the organization to create a culture associated with values, briefs and expectations which re the primary elements for an organization. There are lots more organization models which help in the organization to achieve their objectives. But in my case Honda motors are using these models to achieve their objectives. 1. Difference between Organizational and National Culture Organizational culture:- Like wider delineations such as national culture, an organizational culture may be generally described as a set of norms, beliefs, principles and ways of behaving that together give each organization a distinctive character (brown 1995). There is broad agreement around the time of inception, an organization to and reflects industry characteristics such as the competitive environment and customer requirements, together Witt ten were community values nine Day Its employees, Ana also ten values and behaviors of its founders or early leaders (e. . Assassinate; Tot 1989; Gordon 1991) (The Management of Organizational Culture volume 3, no. 2 (2000)). Culture is symbolic and it us described by telling the stories about how everyone feels in the organization. A symbol is defined by itself and it can be many things, but the point is hat how a symbol is invested with meaning in the form of understanding from our past experience. Culture is also defined as a part of unifying and refers to bind the organization together. The idea of organization culture shows the strength of certain goals to create a sense of common responsibility of growth.
As discussed that Honda motors always have value to their customers they have provide every help to their customer services, they have the culture to listen to their customers and provides the best help that makes the Honda a successful car marking organization. Second of all o encourage creativity and flexibility, Honda and Fuchsias developed the organization in a way which was not depend upon the group but on recognition and grafting of individual talents as well as providing good working conditions.
National culture:- As national culture is comprised with the nation’s cultures, culture of the people, their values and their norms. Analyzing the data from more than countries, Hefted (1980) concludes that these mental programs denote the existence of four underlying value dimensions along which these countries could be positioned into culture areas. Power distance, the extent of power in equality among members of an organizational society. Uncertainty avoidance, the extent to which members of an organizational society feel threatened by and tries to avoid future uncertainty. Individualism and collectivism, which describes the relationship between the individual and the collectively that is reflected in the way people live together and masculinity and femininity, the extent of roles division between sexes to which people in a society put different emphasis on work goals and assertiveness as opposed to personal goals. Honda motors have the dynamic cultural profile that lead to new patterns and behaviors or ideologies, typically these are overlaid on existing core assumption and culture may exhibit what seem to be complex ambiguities or paradoxes (Trice and Buyer 1993).
Organizational culture from the perspective of managers, rather than workers, and emphasis the leaders role in creating, maintaining or transforming culture: at the apex of the leader’s responsibility hierarchy (Hampered-Turner 1990, up. 7, 9). Organizational culture is sometimes used interchangeably with corporate culture which Lintiest & Grafton Small (1992, p. 33). As Honda motors is a global organization it has social responsibilities towards every nation, for any global organization it is the need to understand the national culture.
As Honda motors are aware of the national culture of the nations where they are going for trade and respect and fallow the culture. 1. 3 analyses the corporate culture profile of Honda motors Honda motor is the only Japanese motor company with the model of the youth culture inside the organization. The constant theme of the Honda motors is to overcome the age gap of the employees at the work, use the maximum resources to et out the rigid employees and having the best team with in the organization to attain the aims and objectives without any interference from the external factors.
It NAS unman-centre approach at ten work. Honda motors thank employees a Telex asset for the organization. There is flexibility in the time for work and if it is required they are operating the manufacturing units on Saturday, means there is flexibility in shifts and even rotation policies in regular times in Honda motors so that no one of the employee will feel of any boredom at the work. Employees are the backbone of he organization and without them no organization is able to achieve the competitive growth (1982).
Honda motors has chosen to respond to the new markets it is a part of their culture that they believe that if they produce their cars where they are going to sell those cars, it should be more profitable to the organization rather than producing in Japan and then exporting them to the international market that’s why they have more than 33 manufacturing units in the world market where they are producing and selling the products.
Honda motors are investing in research that brings the major changes in the automobile industry. Honda motors always looks for the new technology in their products and brings the necessary changes according to the current situation in the market, to have the competitive advantage over their competitors. Their engineers create C.V. engine that affect the automobile industry, which is the best technology produce by any organization.
As a global organization Honda motors understand the demand of their markets, because they are dealing with the different nations at one time so they have to understand what is the demand of that nation like say in India there is demand for the small family cars, so hey introduce small section of cars to meet the demands of the Indian market, in United Kingdom family cars have more safety like 4 airbags fitted in family cars. Honda motors communicate the national culture to their organization and bring necessary changes to deal with the international market. 1. Impact of Honda motors corporate culture in achieving its objectives Honda motors understand the demands and problems of their customers, not only customers also of their employees they bind them together and tighter them this makes a very strong culture in the organization that leads them towards the growth as discuss in 1. . Honda motors always look for the suggestions from their employees there is not one way communication but there is two way communication employees and express their view to the management. Culture gave Honda motors a strength what they required to meet out the challenges from their competitors to beat them.
Progress of Honda motors shows how strong the organization culture they have. Task 2 Improving Corporate Culture 1 Organizational values that will influence corporate climate Value of organization means the internal behavior of the staff with its other members, like behavior of managers with their co-workers or we can say that how well they will communicate with each other to get the Job done. If one of the staff will not share or express its value for the organization than there is conflict in between the other members and that creates an individual values not the organization values, and that’s what the organization doesn’t wants.
It is the trust created by the each staff member within the organization to understand the ethical way of communication for core business and that will lead the organization to achieve its targets of growth. Speaking on the influence of culture on corporate climate it can be noted that the culture Ana ten climate AT an organization are want leave an Imprint on ten manuals AT the people. It is these values that stay on in a traditional and mythological manner in the eyes of the people. Some of the organizational values according to me that would influence corporate climate are as follows.
Honesty High levels of service (core value of organization) Competency (in a high performance culture) Teamwork Friendliness (that transcends across to the customers) Empowerment to a certain level (to help serve customers better and solve their robber) Dedication to the Job http://www. Loveliness. Com/business_guide/crosscutting/ culture_corporate. HTML Case study Tests Pl. ‘s the largest retail organization not in United Kingdom only but also at globally with 492,000 employees in 14 countries, in more than 5200 stores worldwide. 2. Existing climate of Tests Culture is the values, beliefs, rules and practices of an organization on the other hand climate are the working conditions, relations of the employees with each other as well as with their leaders. How well leaders or managers will communicate the traceries of the organization to their subordinates and how well the subordinates understand these strategies and fallow them. But both the culture and climate will reflect the path where the organization wants to stand in future with group efforts of their employees and it also shows the image of the organization to the external world.
Climate ensures the progress report of the organization like Tests that where it stands to achieve their policies. Tests fallows some aspects to ensure a good climate in the organization:- Flexibility: – As a largest organization Tests always ensure to provide every employee a flexible working conditions and flexible working hours e. G. In Tests there is lots of student working there and Tests understands their working conditions and hours so they provide them what these students wants. Standards: – There is good working standard maintained by their leaders to ensure the health and safety of the employees and good working conditions.
There is cafeteria well maintained by Tests to ensure that everyone is not working only time for relaxation also including that there is library also provided to employees and pool and other gaming facilities also there. A well dress code for managers and employees s also provided by Tests. Rewards: – Top management will set a target for each branch of Tests about the sales target and on achieving that targets their s reward system like common parties and even gift vouchers that is equally distributed among the employees. TTY; – Managers scarred ten task to tenet team leaders Ana team leaders wall lead their team, if there is still anything which is not clarified or not understand by the team still they can raise their question and ask for any sort of help from their managers. By this means every member of team will know that what they have to do? On the whole there are good working conditions and better understanding is provided by Tests to each and every member to grow. 2. Ways to improve corporate climate in Tests As Tests is providing their best, but still there is requirement of change in their climate like what I have seen as an employee in Tests and that is my personal suggestion. If there is any problem faced by an lower level employee ha/she have to see their team leader and that team leader has to inform the duty manager and that duty manager has to inform his/her manager this is a long process and if one of hem is missing at that time this means that employees problem will not sort out at that time and goes for pending as the whole bunch will get tighter.
So my recommendation is that they have to provide some powers to their staff to solve the problem if they think at that time and don’t required or wait for the permission from the managers. There are requirement in Tests to review their communication policy because it is to lengthy and old system they are fallowing. Managers has to review their policies on the monthly basis not for the quarterly basis because if it will review by quarterly hey cannot understand the problems of their employees sooner and by taking such a long time by frustration or by depression may be chance that employee will leave the Job and that effects the organization.
At this scenario Tests is contracting employee for three month contract and this will affect employee as well as Tests because he/she is not productive until there is security and security of the Job. Proper training is required because of change in technology and guidance to the employees if he/she is doing something wrong. 2. 3 Frame work of organizational values that meet the specific strategic and operational needs in Tests Organizational values are defined as the standards that are acceptable which guides the behavior of individuals within the organization.
The guide to the organizational values is mission and vision statement of that organization. These organizational values help the people to encourage and discourage certain types of behavior which represent the organization in every deed or dealing. The influence of cultural values on the corporate climate is that which leaves an imprint on the minds of the people. Some of the organizational values that will influence the corporate culture are as follows: Respecting the customer Good Service and Honesty.

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