Essay about 12 Angry Men

Twelve Angry Men 1. How do you think you might have acted as a juror in this case ? How would you had interacted ? I think i would have started off with being calm but stressed i mean I would probably feel very burdened, because just by choosing one option you can change someones life. And as fas as interacting goes i would be casual but if something unexpected happens and i do have an outburst then it happens every one loses it at some point. 2.
At the beginning of this movie the jurors vote 11 to 1 to convict the defendant and send him to death for murder; yet by the end of the movie they vote to acquit him, to set him free. What are the events that led the jurors to change their minds so radically and set the defendant free ? Describe the process. 1)The knife could be bought or have been found by anyone 2)The murderer knew how to use a pocket knife and the count have known. 3)When they re-enact the old man walking/limping from his bed to the door outside it takes them more then 15 seconds to get to the outside door.
And the old man swore it had taken him 15 seconds. 4)The old man and the lady say that they heard the boy screaming at his father saying “I’ll kill you” but that doesn’t really mean he actually killed him since people say that phrase all the time but don’t really mean it and that was proved when juror number three has and outburst and say’s “I’ll kill you” to juror number eight. 5)How could the old man and the lady have heard the boy screaming when you can’t even hear yourself thinking over the el train. )The jurors start doubting the lady’s eyesight since she did not have her glasses on and maybe just assumed that it was the boy staying his father. 3. Why is juror number nine (old Man) a real hero ? Explain this using examples. 1)Because he is the first to agree with juror number eight , deciding that there is not enough evidence to sentence the young boy to death. 2)He openly describes juror number ten’s racist attitude. 3)When he agrees that the old man could have maybe justified to what he heard and saw the night of the murder so he’s name could be recognized. 4. Explain number three’s anger against the accused.

He’s anger towards the accused is because he’s relationship whit his son was very similar to the accused and the defendant. So based on the fact that he hasn’t seen his son in the past two years and the negative relationship he’s had with him he decides to declare the accused guilty because he thinks that the boy dose not deserve to live because he killed his own father. 5. Explain the impact of the closing scene in the jury room between number eight and three. Juror number three breaks down after his outburst while every one is leaving juror number eight stays back and tries to console him without communication. . Explain the following (refers to the play). a) “Innocent until proven guilty” Until you have no strong evidence against the accused, the accused is declared guilty. b) “Reasonable doubt” Something that could possibly prove the accused guilty. c) “Burden of proof” The biggest/important proof to prove the accused guilty or not guilty. 7. Explain the title. The title explained how these twelve men are frustrated and stressed and have this burden of declaring the accused guilty or not guilty.

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Essay about 12 Angry Men
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