choose 3 commercials (on television or online) that you’ve recently seen that are information-rich or which have enough
layers to be essay-worthy. List these three commercials by product and commercial name (ex. Fiat, “The Italians are Coming”).
Briefly describe the commercial and why it has enough juice to become a paper.
Ex: 1) FIAT, “The Italians are Coming”
          In this recent commercial, Fiat advertises its new model by featuring…
       2) xxx
       3) xxx
Here is a past example:
Ex. 1) Bud Light, “Up for Whatever” 
          In this Superbowl 2015 commercial, Anheuser-Busch advertises for it’s flagship product Bud Light. There are numerous elements to this commercial that make it plausible in the realm of paper writing. Three young guys enter a bar and order beers, the bartender recommends Bud Light, but only if they are, “up for anything.” The commercial proceeds to large slot machine followed by the dropping of the huge quarter into said slot machine which unveils a huge party with lots of attractive people. As they enter the party they are invited into a human size game of Pac-Man. The commercial culminates with the young gentleman winning the game of Pac-Man and receiving their prize, a Bud Light. I feel there are so many elements at play here, a paper could easily be extracted from the content. 
2) Doritos “Time Machine” 
           Rated as one of the best commercials of 2015, this Doritos commercial is quite humorous. A little boy plays a prank on a middle aged man in order to get his bag of chips. The little boy is advertising a homemade time machine and as the man enters it requires him to give up his bag of chips. The little boy adds some sound effects in order to portray the time machine working. A older man comes out of his house, yelling at the boy to get out of his yard and as the man exits the time machine he sees the old man and believes he is in the future and the old man is the little boy. A lot to work with in this commercial, again it was very funny. 
3) Hyundai “Only Dad Can Save You” 
         This is a great commercial that really delivers numerous elements, from humor to sentiment. The commercial shows many scenes with father and son, progressing in age. Each scene shows dad saving son from different falls and would be bad encounters. It ends with dad giving driving lessons and son staring distractedly at a pretty girl and the new Hyundais auto breaking system saving them from a near fender bender. This commercial delivers a lot of good components that would easily transfer into a good essay. 
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