Essay 10 pages APA

For this task, you will conduct an evaluation of your personal leadership effectiveness. You will write a paper evaluating your own leadership using a scholarly leadership theory. To help you refine your own leadership skills, you will develop at least two SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound) goals as part of your evaluation.

Write the paper in first person
Follow APA format and style when organizing your paper.      You are encouraged to create a cover page, headers, and sub-headers      throughout the paper.  
The paper should be 6-10 pages, not      including the cover page and references.
Please be both      descriptive (who, what, when, and where) and explanatory (why and how). 
Evaluators assess your paper based on the specificity      of your response, not on the generalizations.
This section is an analysis of your leadership. 
Refer to your results from the CliftonStrengths      assessment.
You must upload your PDF version of your Signature      Themes report when you submit your final paper.

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Essay 10 pages APA
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Explain what the results might indicate about you as a leader. You must explain your top five categorical strengths results. Be descriptive and provide examples.

Your explanation should include:

a separate paragraph for each strength category,
the category title,
your results, and
your reflection on the results including both       descriptive and explanatory examples. 

This reflection is not related to theory.
Provide citations where needed.

§ Write a paper (suggested length of 6–10 pages) by doing the following:
§ A.  Provide a PDF copy of your “Signature Themes” report after completing the CliftonStrengths assessment. 
§ 1.  Reflect on the results of the five categorical strengths from your CliftonStrengths assessment, including what those results might indicate about your leadership.
§ B.  Evaluate your leadership, using one of the scholarly leadership theories below, by doing the following:
§ •  transformational leadership
§ •  transactional leadership
§ •  situational leadership
§ •  participative leadership
§ •  servant leadership
§ •  behavioral leadership
§ •  trait theory of leadership

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