Using the e-mail template posted for you under contents on FOL, please respond to thescenario below.
You’re frustrated! Your boss, Shaun Rosen, has scheduled three appointments to interview applicants for the position of project manager. All of these appointments are for Wednesday,October 16. However, he now must travel to Halifax on that weekend. He asks you to reschedule all the appointments for one week later. He also wants a brief summary of the background of each candidate. Despite your frustration, you call each person and are lucky enough to arrange these times. Carol Chan, who has been project manager for nine years with Piedmont Corporation, agrees to come at 10:30 a.m., Richard Blake, who is a systems analyst and a consultant to many companies, will come at 11:30. Laura Lee, who has an M.A. degree and six years of experience as senior project coordinator at High Point Industries, will come at 9:30 a.m. You’re wondering whether Mr. Rosen forgot to include Hilary Lu, operations personnel officer, in these interviews. Ms. Lu usually is part of the selection process.
Write an e-mail to Mr. Rosen including all the vital information he needs. Remember to use the e-mail template provided for you under Contents on FOL. Remember too to use graphic highlighting when possible. Again, please review the assessment criteria on FOL (e-mail grading sheet) before typing your email).
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