english essay

1. write a 1500 words, 12-point font, double-spaced, standard margins essay about Othello(Written by Shakespeare).

 2. This book related to this essay is Othello. The essay is about  How does this text conform to (or clash with) the historical period or cultural environment in which it was produced?   (Form a clear thesis)

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english essay
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3.In the study of literature, synthesis involves the integration of outside sources to develop your interpretation. you’ll use at least two credible secondary source to help you analyze your chosen poem or story. 

4.In the first paragraph describe a summary of the story and then create a thesis. No matter what the purpose for writing this essay is what the author’s purpose of writing the story is. What does he seems to be trying to tell us about the human condition. Focus on only author’s purpose for writing the story and the time period it was written and how it is related to its time period. Make sure to express clear evidence for the thesis. 

5.Whatever the case, your job is to explain how that information about the author’s historical period in which the book was wrote helps us better understand the text’s meaning.

6. All information from these sources must be integrated according to MLA standards.  

5. make sure to include a short summary of the book in the text.

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