Eng 111

1. All students must write in the memoir genre.
2. 3+ pages
3. Word processed #12 plain font
4. Double spaced
5. Submit to the instructor via a hard (printed) copy on the due date. No online submissions.
A memoir is an autobiographical narrative, a true story or connected stories from the writer’s life. The memoir genre is very broad; topics can range from deeply personal stories of love, loss, joy, or sorrow to light hearted or humorous stories about mundane events. Stories about first experiences, growth, change, overcoming, surviving, acquiring skill, or developing talent are some memoir categories that
often appeal to readers. Humorous stories also have great appeal. Literacy memoirs, stories about involvement with writing or reading, frequently are of interest to writing instructors and can be useful in helping students gain insight into their own writing. While memoirs are developed as stories, they also may express the writer’s
feelings about the story, or the importance of the story, or how the significance of the story has changed over time. Students are free to choose their topic for this project, but the memoir genre is REQUIRED. Practice writing memoir entries in your journal.
Use this project as an opportunity to try to tell one of your wonderful stories.

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