encourage participation in an employee giving campaign

Identify the following three items.
1. Who is your audience? Who are you persuading in your assignment? (This must be a business, government agency, or non-profit entity.) Identify the actual decision makers from your audience, by name and title. This cannot be a fictitious audience, it must be existing and researchable.
2. Who are you representing? To be able to persuade you have to be representing a known entity (business, government agency, or non-profit entity).
3. What specifically are you persuading them to do? What do you want the audience to do when you have successfully presented your argument? What is the audience’s next step if and when they are persuaded?

This part is about finding and understanding the research on your chosen topic.
Gather Research
Now that you know your topic, audience, and persuasive goal you need to find research that can be used to back up your claim and persuade your audience. You must find at least 6 articles (not books) that can be used to back up your persuasive argument. Of these 6 articles at least 3 MUST be from peer-reviewed academic journals.

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encourage participation in an employee giving campaign
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Written Understanding / Persuasive Discussion
Annotated Bibliography
Once you have found the 6 articles (with at least 3 peer-reviewed) your job is to read all the articles and understand the content well enough to write an annotated bibliography. Information on how to write and produce an annotated bibliography will be given in a separate document and discussed in class. This annotated bibliography will be 2-3 pages in length and will be typed single space, using 11 point Times New Roman font.
A copy or “picture” of the journal showing that it is peer-reviewed (as shown in Ulrich’s) is required to be pasted under each annotated bibliography that is from a peer-reviewed journal. This can be done by using the “CTRL” “PrtScn” command on your computer (hold Ctrl down and tap PrtScn) and then copying that picture into Paint (or another similar software). Then cut the picture so only the one journal is shown on the page. Insert that picture into your Word document at the end of the annotated bibliography from that journal.
An example of what this will look like in your paper is below.
Persuasive Memo
This is the final part of the assignment. You have a strong understanding of the persuasive goal, you have found research to help persuade your audience, and now it is time to prove you have the necessary information and persuasive research to successfully persuade your audience. Instead of writing a formal report to your audience you will write a 1-2 page memo to your instructor outlining the following:
· HOW do you plan to use the research to persuade your audience?
· WHY will you be successful in your persuasion?
· WHAT parts will you use from each article to prove your points?
The goal of this memo is to outline your research, ideas and motives to show you can successfully persuade your audience. Please make sure to write a strong memo outlining the necessary information needed to persuade your audience. You can refer to the annotated bibliography in the memo as well.

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