Empathy Answer

Answer and discuss briefly the following questions: 1 . The Filipino people are considered as one of the most hospitable citizens In the world- polite, friendly and honest character- but It’s mind boggling and Intriguing that whenever one is put into power (given high authority or position, for example in the government), that person becomes easily Influenced and corrupted by the system transforming such person Into a malevolent leader? Reflect on this thought, and explain briefly why this occurs.
Sometimes It’s because of pride, compromise and organizational culture. I asked my boss about this, fist he told me that It depends to the administrative where the person gets In. In local government some people who was given higher position act and decide to make something wicked because of the word “compromise and craving for power and more money’. I remember the day when the higher position (office head) on one office in LOGIC gets vacant: the head of the said administration automatically filled the sit.
On the 4th day of his service, the whole office gets shocked and created a commotion because of the memorandum he released saying that effective on that day, all division head, unit heads and budget officers were terminated with the reason of they are no longer effective in their firm. (That office is not a permanent office or department; majority of the staff are contractual and can be terminated easily). After a week, the whole staff found out that the new head of the office gave some of the vacant position and salary of those he terminated to his supporters (also a staff of that office-they are area coordinators and a driver).

They believed that he did it on purpose. Example: so the funds of that office can be easily manipulated. 2. Given the status quo of the Philippines politics and society, we observed through he news how our government is slowly deteriorating due to the corrupt officials that are now involved and even convicted In crimes, particularly the controversial “Pork Barrel Scam“. Based from the character of these Politicians/ Government officials In our country that we elect, what kind of leaders are they?
Do they embody the “Ideal leader” that’s why we elect them? What can you say about the “Intellectual Judging capacity” of the Filipinos on why we have elected these government leaders In the first place? At first, the time politicians’ campaign during election period, the people TLD know If they are telling the truth. Some were true to themselves and willing to serve and give his/her best effort and knowledge for the benefit of his/her countrymen (those behind even though they are known as a good politicians.
The common alibi for someone who was not able to fulfill his or her promise is that “promises are made to be broken”. Or, is this the favorite responses of politicians who make a lot of promises even do they know too well that they will not be able to fulfill such promises just to win. Election fever is now in the air in the Philippines. The people will be selecting a new president, vice president, senators, and all provincial and local officials. For local officials who will be elected, they will be serving for a term of three (3) years.
There’s a saying that “The moment this child encounters these other beings, the influences upon the individual begins”. Even if they are not a good leader because of their weaknesses, I could say that they also have capacity to ran and implement the peace and order in the country. The eyes, ears, feelings of other politicians are always open to defend people from their evil doings. But, the process gets slow because the root of all evil things is in a greater higher position and trying to manipulate the situations.

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