Topic: Most educators enter the profession because of a love of learning and a great interest in helping others learn. Most do not enter the profession with thoughts of their legal and ethical responsibilities with respect to students. Do you fit this pattern, or have you given substantial thought to the legal and ethical responsibilities of a teacher? Watch Legal and Ethical Dimensions of Teaching: Reflections from Today’s Educators, located in the Reading & Study folder of Module/Week 4, to hear about some of the legal and ethical dilemmas facing contemporary educators.

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In regard to this topic, the School of Education at LU has assigned dispositions that should be observable in each candidate of the program at both the initial and advanced level. SCRIP is the acronym that assists with listing all five dispositions. SCRIP will be incorporated into this assignment as a consideration in dealing with one’s legal and ethical decision making. Whether employed in a private, religious, or public school, a home educator, or a professional seeking to work with children, a Christian world view is a lens through which all decision making occurs. Complete the interactive SCRIP presentation located in the Reading & Study folder of Module/Week 4, to assist in your conceptual framework as it relates to a Christian world view.

Thread Prompt: After viewing Legal and Ethical Dimensions of Teaching: Reflections from Today’s Educators and the “SCRIP Presentation” in the Reading & Study materials, analyze which of the 5 issues in the video stood out to you. Write a thread presenting your reaction in an objective manner. In your first paragraph response, summarize the situation taking place in the video through the lens of your ethical perspective. Answer the following question in your summary: “Which issue discussed in the video is of considerable importance to you and why?” In the second paragraph, choose one of the SCRIP dispositions, briefly define it, and provide an explanation of your response to a future situation through the lens of the disposition should you as a teacher find yourself in the position of facing the selected issue. Incorporate a biblical perspective in your response, which is supported by Scripture. Provide support for the main thread by including a minimum of 1 in-text citation and reference from the course text in current APA format in addition to a Scripture. 



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