econ-diss 11

Read the case study:
Haddad, M. G., Zouein, P. P., Salem, J., & Otayek, R. (2016). Case study of lean in hospital admissions to inspire culture change. Engineering Management Journal, 28(4), 209-223.
How might the lean principles in the case study be applied to hospital admissions in Saudi Arabia? How might these procedures impact waste in excessive testing and associated costs?

please dont forget the in text citation 
i need 5 paragraph 

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econ-diss 11
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Banerjee, A., Mbamalu, D., & Hinchley, G. (2016). The impact of process re-engineering on patient throughput in emergency departments in the UK. International Journal of Emergency Medicine, 1(3), 189-192.‏
Joosten, T., Bongers, I., & Janssen, R. (2015). Application of lean thinking to health care: issues and observations. International Journal for Quality in Health Care, 21(5), 341-347.‏
Andersen, H., Rovik, K. A., & Ingebrigtsen, T. (2014). Lean thinking in hospitals: is there a cure for the absence of evidence? A systematic review of reviews. BMJ open, 4(1), e003873.‏

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