Ebola Newspaper Article comparison

I have chosen two newspaper articles from the Courier Mall and the New York Times which express their very contrasting opinions about the Bola epidemic currently happening in West Africa, one saying Bola Is out of control about and the there saying Bola Is nothing to worry about. The first article titled Bola vellums’ bodies left to rot in the street as crawls worsens and has many examples of language features throughout the article. The Journalist has used emotive language towards the Bola virus which Is almost entirely negative.
Examples of this would be words such as “crisis worsens” In the heading, “a country struggling to cope with the deadly virus” and “fear for their own health”. By using such negative and emotive language the journalist can position the audience to feel the same way as the people in Africa do I. . Make them feel scared and fear the Bola virus. Another example of language features used in article 1 is word play-at the end of the news article it is written “The WHO has convened a special summit of international experts in Geneva to determine if the outbreak constitutes a “public health emergency of international concern. If so, WHO will recommend temporary measures to reduce the international spread of the disease. ” What the journalist is basically trying to say is that the WHO or World Health Organization is doing nothing about the Bola breakout in Africa and he is asking ho will take measures to stop the disease. This word play is used to again make the reader feel scared because it means that the Bola virus may be an international threat if the Who approves it.
The Journalist has chosen certain visuals which can influence the audience’s perspectives on the Bola virus. By using an image of an Bola victim lying dead on the ground the Journalist can do an effective job of positioning the reader to feel disgusted with the virus and also make them feel horrified. The Journalist has not only used this picture of the body because of what’s In the foreground but also because what can be seen in the background Including children looking at the corpse and people running away from the body.

The children looking at the victim’s body simply adds the disgust and horrified emotion that the reader Is already experiencing and the people fleeing away from the body Is Implying that they are scared of and fear the virus which makes the reader feel the same way. The journalist who wrote the second article titled Why Bola Is nothing to worry about has shown many uses of language features In his writing. First he has used motive language in a positive way to position the reader to agree with the title.
He does this by using facts and words Like “unlikely to spread”, “let’s worry less” and “vanishingly unlikely to break out”. The Journalist has purposely used these words to position the reader to worry less about Bola and think on the bright side. Another Language feature used in the news article Is Sarcasm. In the first line the Journalist has written “We’re now witnessing the worst Bola epidemic ever -? and on your list that Bola is something to worry about. This makes the reader think that the idea of Bola being out of control is a Joke and that it is nothing to worry about.
The last language feature used in the news article is In the second news article it can be seen that the Journalist has chosen a picture which he believes will also position the reader to feel a certain way. He has chosen a picture a Doctor who worked in West Africa and contracted the virus and survived. It can be seen in the picture that Dry. Kent Vibrantly has a stern or angry look on his face. This tells the audience that Bola is nothing to worry about because if a doctor can contract Bola and survive then it is to as serious as it has been thought.

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Ebola Newspaper Article comparison
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