I have had many challenges in school because I have dyslexia with my reading and my writing and my teachers that have made it very difficult to handle school work and make the good grades that I have. I found out had dyslexia at the end of my first grad year. When I got home my mom told me I had dyslexia. I was very confused what it was and what it meant for me to get rid of it. My mom told me it was a learning disability I would have to work harder than ever one else to reach my goals and dreams of going to college.
I had a harder time with my reading and writing witch maid it wear I had to ask help a lot more than the other kids all them stated to make jokes but I just rose to the challenge. As got older better at the things was not good at but the teachers just tried to keep me lower then what could do. The teachers would treat me different like was not smart as the other kids. They all was gave me less work sent out to the hall because the teacher dint like the way I spelled stuff or write. Let like was stupid like I could never be eke ever one else could never be as smart in school as them. Then my mom notice was starting to do relay bad in school so my mom and dad got me a tutored. She taught me how to dill with my dyslexia and the pain it brought me. With her help did better in school work started to do all the work that was assigned to me and making better grads then ever one else in the class. Started to get my convince up and made me fill smart know that can do en thing that I won’t to do just have to work a little harder on it.
I can go to college and do the job want to do just like en one else. I know would not be who am without my hard work and the supporters that helped me on the way. Am, most grateful for my parents and my tutored Mrs.. Hansen. My dyslexia thought me how to be a hard worker witch have to be in order to finish college and exceed in life. Will be read for en thing that life throes at me because of my dyslexia.

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