disscussion replies in own words plz not outide sources

1: If you want to have a leadership position at any company, you need to be proactive not just reactive. I saw these two terms in the very beginning of this chapter and would like to explain what I feel about them. For any place that you all have worked, did you ever see someone in a leadership roll that was lazy and any reacted when a situation was brought right to them? I have, I have seen that too much. These people do not inspire me to trust the company or think that I have a great chance at growing with the company. When I see people that are great leaders, they are the ones that are proactive. They get out there and try to solve problems before they arise, and they look for ways to make their companies better and their employees perform better

2: I try not to stereotype anyone, but it does happen. I used to think that older people in the workplace could not be relied on too much because they could not understand the new technology and how it works. This was not true and was just a stereotype. I have met several elder people in the workplace that seem to have a better understanding of some of the newer technology than I do. It really is all about peoples ambitions to learn and the commit that they take to learn new things. It is not about their age or race. 

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disscussion replies in own words plz not outide sources
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3: Can you give me an example of stereotyping that you been a part of, or have seen? 

4: We all understand that people are different and are motivated by different things.  How would you determine what motivational techniques to use with your employees? 

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