Discussion: Scenario: Team Performance

You are part of an organizational team. For the three years prior to a new member joining the team, performance was high. In the year after the new member joined, performance has gone down. The new team member has a slower than usual growth curve. A few months after being employed, the existence of a minor medical issue made it possible for the new team member to avoid some responsibilities. Since that time, the team’s workload has also increased. It would seem as though the team is overworked at this point, and it is starting to take its toll on the team’s overall performance and motivation.
For the first paragraph of your post:  Looking at this situation, explain what intrinsic and extrinsic motivations may be influencing the change in team performance?
For the second paragraph of your post: If you were the team leader in this situation, and you had the opportunity to make changes, what are some of the changes you would recommend?
The final paragraph of your post (3 to 4 sentences) should summarize the one or two main points that you are attempting to make in your post.
Provide a substantive (500) initial discussion post addressing each of the components as prompted. Justify your answers with examples, reasoning, and research.

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Discussion: Scenario: Team Performance
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