Discussion( Need response in 8 hours)Please respond to initial and classmate post)

Gagne’s Taxonomy
Please respond to the following:

Initial Post

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Discussion( Need response in 8 hours)Please respond to initial and classmate post)
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In your current position (or expected if not yet employed) how could you employ Gagne’s taxonomy to improve the quality of the instruction you design?
What difficulties might you expect in applying this taxonomy?
What steps could you take to address these anticipated difficulties, if any?

Classmate Post

Gagne’s   Taxonomy 
 In applying Gagne’s Taxonomy in my current position in teaching preschoolers I believe that most important of all these skills is motor skills clapping, dancing, movement is a must in area of teaching down to cleaning the classroom there is always movement. Attitude being the teacher having creating an atmosphere of excitement and encouragement meaning my body language and voice has create an atmosphere I have to make you excited to learn or reviewing the ABC’S for the 50th time. In cognitive Strategy the engaging in self testing example is giving the children paper and pencil having them to write their names. Knowing some will write there names and others will draw a picture or make circles no letters at all, having difficulties holding a pencil, crayon or marker. this is when the intellectual skills comes into play. By praising the child for what he/ she has put paper and encouraging them to do better. I believe using this of writing the ABC’S this is when Rule Using and Problem Solving overlap each other My responsibility teaching this child the importance of writing and learning to write there, Motor skills return by air writing, tracing letters. Problem solving that would be me and my co- teacher would have find creative ways of teaching this child to write. Reinforcing to each child that the importance of learning the Alphabet is writing, reading and learning new words. I remind myself daily of the quote by Dr. Jawanza Kunjufu “if your students are not learning then teach the way they learn” 

Kunjufu,J.Dr.  Understanding Black Male Learning Styles. African American Images,Copyright 2011. 

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