Discussion 3

-Identify a quote from one of this week’s readings that resonated with you. Why did you find this particular quote so impactful or noteworthy?
(Descriptive Representation: Understanding the Impact of Identity on Substantive Representation of Group Interests (pgs. 241- 251).)
************************ Student Response***************************
“The 1992 election, dubbed the ‘Year of the Woman’ by the national media, saw a dramatic increase in the number of women, particularly Democratic women in Congress, and this number has risen steadily over the years.” – Descriptive Representation: Understanding the Impact of Identity on Substantive Representation of Group Interests 
I found this quote from the required “Descriptive Representation” piece and this stood out to me so much, especially in this moment. In my Women and Politics class that I am taking this semester, each student has to pick a woman that is running in the November election and write a portfolio about her. We have to follow her throughout the entire semester, all the way up to when she wins. We have just started with this project but it has really opened my eyes to all of the women, and even minority women, that are running for office this year. I have seen many articles online that say that 2018 is also going to be dubbed the “Year of the Woman”. There are so many minority women that are running for office in November and I think that the number of women is only going to increase. With all of these women’s rights movements, they are really bringing light to the dramatic number of men in office compared to women. It is so noteworthy that our government is now being represented by the actual citizens of the US and that the people can relate to these women in office. 

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Discussion 3
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