Disaster Management Persuasive Essay

Disaster management is the actions taken by an organization or a country in response to unexpected events that are adversely affecting the citizens or a group of people. It’s also a body where policies decisions and all-important issues require to respond and correct the effect caused by the natural disaster is carried out. What is of must important in dealing with any kind of disaster management involves health issues and policies how to manage the provision of these health facilities training peoples on how to prevent themselves from being infected by communicable diseases.
Handling cases of psychological nature and making sure that information systems dealing with health cases are reading available. The fundamental issue of dealing with water deficiency in urban area is first of all setting up emergency camps where free drinking water are offered to the residence to avoid them drinking contaminated water. Tankers should be requested to carry water to the affected in large quantities to cut the estates in the affected area. This will enable the citizens to have access to the commodity very quickly and easily. This will also prevent affected people from using contaminated water.
This water should be ensures that it is clean and pure from any contamination. The pricing of this commodity should also be educated on ways of using this water purification techniques i. e. one bottle top of this water purifier usually is mixed with 20 liters of water. Another security measure of dealing with this disaster is by setting up emergency camps in the area to deal with any cases relaxed to this problem. It will also be a center point where the residents of the area will seek information on contentious issues whenever any panic on an outbreak of a disease is reported.

Government should also be requested to assist in the drilling of boreholes which will enable the tankers have easier access to water as they delivery it to the residents. The boreholes will also help in dealing with emergency cases in the future. Although these points are easier to explain there are so many challenges faced in implementing them. Mobilizing the government to provide funds for financing the tankers is a fundamental issue, which requires more courage, and more people to press for this issue will help in providing free medical services and information is another bottleneck in dealing with this issue.
This might also require a group of people to help convince them to provide these necessary services to the people. The government also needs to be mobilized to provide machines and equipments for drilling the boreholes. They also need to identify land where these boreholes should be constructed. Obtaining institutions to help in providing aid to the affected communities needs the help of the media coverage. This in turn realizes an individual who can satisfy the media to air the incident free of charge.
Though this plan is not so hard to implement it is most likely to be faced with funds and voluntary services. This is so because the government might not act swiftly to helping the affected people. Most of the institutions also may lie back to providing free services. Free chemicals for treating water is also an issue which requires the support from the government and media houses in convincing some of the companies manufacturing such items to provide assistance to the affected people.

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Disaster Management Persuasive Essay
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