Democratic Convention

Several dozens of years ago Conventions of parties were an important part of American political life. Although nowadays their role is a bit decreased, still the electors watch results of Conventions with great interest.

Democratic Convention of this year gave possibility to John Kerry to introduce him to that part of American electorate, which doesn’t know him well. Still, the electorate knows quite well who is George Bush – as he was the President for 4 years.

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Democratic Convention
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So, Republican Convention will not add much information to those opinions about Bush, which are already exist, although his speech is prominent, as usual and in some extent, shows him from a bit new point of view.
We can see some changes in Conventions as well: last time directly at Conventions who candidates competed for nomination from Party – Jerald Ford and Ronald Reagan (it took place in 1976 and we are speaking about Republicans), but if approval of candidate changed into clear formality, can the American political scientists continue to examine Convention as a key event of party political struggle?
I think, to some extent it is correct, even if we take into account that candidate is usually determined to the beginning of Convention, and we are not expecting any surprises. It became a part of election campaign, but it is very important part of it.
The Convention is a kind of enchanting sight which gives an opportunity to candidate to present his speech, where he will give idea of himself and his program, – and then it results his rating. Actually, Republican Convention is an answer to Democratic Convention, which took place in Boston from July 26 to July 29.
It is quite difficult position: while George Bush can refer to his statement of service, John Kerry can refer only to his promises. But from the other side, if Bush’s statement of services can be interpreted not only to his favor, and many of electors treat it exactly to his disfavor, we have the struggle between reality and promises.
More then 35 thousand of people took part in Democratic Convention. During Convention they informed American society about life of John Kerry and John Edwards, about their great services to American society in the struggle for interests of middle-class and about their plans to build stronger and more independent America.
Stephanie Tubbs-Jones told about plans to create new working places and economics, which will be more stable in interests of middle-classes. Tammy Baldwin presented program of cheaper and more affordable health-care system. Bob Menendez explained main points of Democratic program in the field of foreign policy.
The most important event was final speech of candidate to President John Kerry, directly before procedure of official closure of Convention. The present structure of Convention was the most multi-national during the whole history of Party according to information of Democratic National Convention Committee (DNCC). More then 40% of participants consisted of national minorities of the USA. More then 10 thousand of people registered as volunteers in order to help the party during Convention.
Historically, Republicans had more strong positions at more rich and industrialized north of America, and Democrats – at more poor “village” south. But during the last 50 years their positions changed: Democrats dominate at the North of America and Republicans – at the South.
Democrats lay special stress on expansion of governmental role, and Republicans lay stress on decreasing of governmental role, taxes, etc. Another point of differences is program of so-called “affirmative actions”. Democrats support giving advantages to race and other minorities when receiving job or education; – this was the reason that African-American gave their votes in their favor.
Democrats consider themselves supporters and defenders of interests of working class and people with low income. Republicans present interests rather of business and wealthy citizens. Their party also includes Christian conservators.

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