Current & Emerging Technologies

Essay Question 1:
What will the market be for automated highway systems and when will it emerge?
Essay Answer 1:

The highway system is mainly used for the purpose is to control the vehicular traffic on roads it is mainly connected between the two towns the traffic flow is separated by the median the traffic is flow in the opposite direction there is a lane marking, to avoid the traffic it is one of the ways to reach the destination like one city to another city, that means it is the connection between two cities (Alfred, 2010). Now a day’s everything is becoming automatically, on the high ways there is no need o reduce the speed of the vehicles.
There are so many systems which are become automatic so the sensors are used to know the speed of the vehicles on the highway there is no median breakage in the medial of the highway, only there is a connection to take U-turn at the end and starting of the highway, this high way is connected to the normal roads to enter into the cities (Robert, 2000) on the high way the traffic flow is very high if the person wants to reduce a speed of their vehicles they have to intimate to the other people then they can go side and after completion of the work again they can join into that traffic flow.
Essay Question 2:
What are the challenges of emerging markets?
Essay Answer 2:
The most of the organizations are worked on the emerging technologies to develop that, the technologies are developed by the customer’s requirements, the management is very careful while developing any new technologies the organization doesn’t develop all the technologies which is needed by customers (Robert, 2000) they can start developing the new emerging the technologies only based on the present market, if the cost of that technologies is less with more need of that software then only the customers are attracted to know about that technologies.
To advertise that technology to the people and launched in the present a market is the biggest challenge for the organization people, they can effort more work to advertise about the technologies once the customers are known about the technologies then it is easy to know about the software to the customers (Alfred, 2010) there are so many challenges for new emerging technologies are present facing on the market, the market situation is doesn’t same at all the time it is also based on the need of the customers and clients.

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Current & Emerging Technologies
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