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Grading Rubric for Cases




Your grade is a combination of the following elements:




1. Appropriate length of answer. One paragraph per question answered. Individual question minimum of 3 well-structured sentences in 12 point font.




2. Identification of correct human resource or management topic.




3. Full quality answers which include research to determine how to apply standards, regulations, or laws covering human resources. These cases require you to research current federal employment law, regulations, and issues in order to answer them correctly.  Review “Website resources” tab. Also you can google topics, laws, cases, etc.




4. Correct notation of sources listed at the bottom of each answered case. You should list the textbook and any websites or other resources you used; cite direct quotes from sources in parenthesis and put (author’s last name, page #).


Case # 53, page 161 – “The Mentoring Problem at Walnut Insurance” consider what happens in the modern workforce where women and men must balance their work relationships with their personal lives. Mentoring is becoming more and more vital to the workplace today. You will learn a lot from this scenario. Please answer the questions on page 163. This may require you to conduct some research to find alternatives to formal mentoring programs. Remember to list your website sources at the end of your homework document


Your answer should be at least 1 page with references listed at the end of the document on page 2 and in MLA 7th edition format






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