Cryptography (DUE : July 24th)
400 word response to one of my questions given below. I attached a couple of attachments to explain the topic and In addition, you can find many informative documents, lecture notes and youtube videos on crypto. Please avoid any math whatsoever (this is not a math or crypto class). Instead, focus on the concepts and its applications. 

-Here is a list of topics that you should consider: (PICK ONE TOPIC ON CRYPTO)
Explain hashing. List the characteristics a hashing algorithm must have to be considered secure. What is a collision? What are the popular hashing algorithms? Is hashing for confidentiality or authentication? Explain.

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2.Symmetric and Asymmetric encryption algorithms
What is the difference between symmetric key and asymmetric encryption? What are advantages & disadvantages of each algorithm? When are you going to use symmetric key encryption (or asymmetric encryption)?
Explain how a public key and a private key work in asymmetric encryption. For example, If Bob (as a message sender) wants to encrypt a plain text message M and transmit the ciphertext C to Alice, which key should he use (theoretically, Bob has 4 options to choose from: Alice’s public key, Alice’s private key,
Bob’s public key, and Bob’s private key)? What about Alice (she has to decrypt the ciphertext C to read the plaintext M)?
Explain your answer.
What are the most popular symmetric & asymmetric encryption algorithms?

-3.Digital Signature
What is a digital signature? When (or why) do you need to use a digital signature? What is the difference between a digital signature and a digital certificate?

-4.Digital Certificate
What is a digital certificate? When (or why) do you need to use a digital certificate? What is the difference between a digital signature and a digital certificate?

NOTE: A picture/diagram or an example is worth a thousand words. Include many diagrams and/or examples in your posting and replies if needed to explain. 

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