Court Case

Select a criminal court case that shows both forensic psychology of police investigations AND forensic psychology of expert testimony and consultation. ( 5 pages long)

Summarize the case: Include a brief summary of the case, including information about the crime committed, the accused individual (s) and the outcomes.
Discuss the forensic psychology related to the police investigation and its impact on the case proceedings and outcome.
Discuss the forensic psychology related to expert testimony and court consultation and its impact on the case proceedings and outcome.  If the expert testimony/consultation happens to be related to mental health assessments, then please include that in your discussion.  If there are opposing viewpoints presented by expert forensic testimony, please include that in your discussion.
Discuss whether or not you believe the cases would have different outcomes if the police investigations and expert testimony/consultation would have been handled differently. Support your viewpoint with a) at least one scholarly source and b) information from at least one other relevant case. 
Include some multimedia relevant to your case such as a video, pictures, and/or outside link.

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Court Case
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