Concerns Of Gloving Practices Health And Social Care Essay

Globally people populating with HIV positive virus is go oning to turn in 2008, making and estimated of 33.4 million ( 33.1 million-33.4 million ) . The incidence of freshly infected people populating with HIV virus is increased more than 20 % from 2000, that is the current rate is 2.7 million people. Related deceases are about 2 million, and the prevalence was robustly treble higher than in 1990 ( UNAIDS ) . In Asia entirely the HIV positive incidence rate is 4.7 million, and India being a developing state and one among highest in population rate, HIV population prevalence is high in India with 3.2 million.
HIV instances incidence is more seen in Asiatic states, the chief contributing factors for this addition rate of Positive HIV instances are chiefly poorness, some cultural and religious beliefs and practises denial by authoritiess are due to miss of proper instruction and agencies of bar ( T. , 1995 ) As the incidence is more seen in these states the wellness attention professionals responsibilities will be at rise, this leads to a inquiry as how much educated, cognizant and ready are nurses to give attention for the HIV and AIDS patients.
Nurses being the largest paramedical professional group of people caring for the patients. Nurses play an of import function in patient attention, as in Acquired immune lack syndrome ( AIDS ) caused by human immunodeficiency virus ( HIV ) nurses have a major function in patient attention and intervention. As the prevalence of AIDS are more in homosexual work forces and endovenous drug users, the populace is more concerned with the transmittal of this virus and is besides same with the wellness attention professionals as they are besides in menace group sing the concern and intervention of the HIV infected patients. There are many evidentiary surveies published with concern of wellness attention workers like physicians, nurses and paramedical staff of their negative attitudes and concerns sing HIV/AIDS. To be more specific many of these surveies have been more concentrated in the westernized universe. But in contrast, few surveies were published sing Indian nurse ‘s attitude and concerns sing HIV/AIDS.

The chief intent of this survey is to
To find the concerns, attitudes and workplace patterns of Indian nurses, caring with HIV- positive patients and other biological fluids.
To determine that these concerns and attitudes were inter-connected.
To happen out the nurses reasonable cognition in HIV and AIDS.
As a consequence of this survey, the nurses can better their cognition and supply attention to the HIV and AIDS infected patients with proper average instruction and besides helps in cut downing anxiousness and fright in handling those patients.
Nurses have the chief function in supplying attention for the patients with HIV/AIDS, but in contrast the surveies conducted in Western states indicate that the nurses are more unwilling, and the wellness professionals does non demo involvement or avoid giving attention to the patients with HIV/AIDS, this is chiefly due to the deficiency of proper insufficient cognition and instruction sing HIV/AIDS. As mainly nurses believe and fear that HIV positive patients are homophobic and contagious. ( Campbell S. , 1991 )
The mean Knowledge and attitudes of the doctors and nurses caring the HIV/AIDS patients turned out to be more in westernised portion of universe United States of America, Canada. And the average mark of cognition and attitude of nurses is really low in the parts of India and Thailand. ( Brachman P. , 1996 ) . Indian and Thailand Nurse are more uncomfortable in handling so HIV Patients when compared to the nurses and doctors from the United States and Canada, This survey clearly identifies the deficiency of proper cognition and attitude of nurses towards the HIV/AIDS patients.
A Basic, Post-basic and go oning instruction programme for nurses on HIV/AIDS in western Pacific states like Fiji, Australia, Papua New Guinea, Singapore and Philippines was evaluated and most of these states reportedly have hapless or no criterions for the HIV/AIDS nursing pattern, and due to these unequal installations in the workplace environment, they could non run into the agreed protocols of infection control ( S.B. , 1990 ) . This clearly suggest that the nurse work environment is besides under hazard where nurse play a major portion of function, where they are more susceptible to infection particularly when they are nursing patients like HIV and AIDS patients.
A questionnaire developed to indicate out the attitude of nurses towards the attention giving to the patients with HIV seropositive patients, the consequences were clearly demoing the attack of the nurses towards the attention of patients to HIV was declined. As a sum of 323 nurses, more than half of the nurse ‘s respondent that they are non willing to supply attention to the HIV patients if they have an option of giving attention to the patients. And besides the consequences showed that more than one-fourth of nurses wanted to hold an option in giving attention to the patients with HIV and AIDS patients ( Wiley K, 1990 ) .
A study conducted by ( P, 1992 ) in an English infirmary with 717 nurses, they were questioned sing the cognition of HIV and AIDS and besides the attitude towards the attention given to the patients to the HIV positive patients. The consequences shows that a 3rd of the nurses respondent that they are non ready to give attention to the patients if they were given an option of caring to patients with HIV and AIDS patients.
Another survey conducted to govern out the nurses anxiousness towards caring the HIV positive patients and their ignorance of cognition of the HIV and AIDS, in this the nurses anxiousness was more shown as they refused to care the patients as they demanded that patients should be screened for HIV trial before supplying attention, and besides the wellness workers denying to care the patients with hazard of HIV seropositive ( E, 1988 )
The surveies conducted by ( EC, 1992 ) ( Flaskerud J H, 1989 ) ( Kelly JA, 1988 ) ( D, 1990 ) ( Scherer YK, 1989 ) , indicated chiefly the nurse ‘s fright and anxiousness of HIV transmittal from HIV positive patients to themselves while giving attention. The Centre for Disease Control ( CDC ) estimates that the hazard of transverse infection of HIV transmittal from seropositive patients to wellness attention workers is 1 in 330 as per the co-operative needle stick surveillance group.
Stigma and favoritism Acts of the Apostless as a chief barrier to the attention given to the patients with HIV positive patients in India, this favoritism is seen among the medical physicians and nurses in infirmary harmonizing to the research conducted in India by UNAIDS 2001.
Nurses play an of import function in supplying quality attention in assisting HIV positive patients both physically and mentally. The literature reexamine clearly provinces that the nurses need much more instruction and knowledge intercession about caring HIV/AIDS, research to day of the months have clearly mentioned the attitude and concern of nurses sing HIV and AIDS, but at that place surveies were chiefly concentrated in western states where nurses are much good equipped with cognition and with proper medical installations where as in Asiatic states the statistics shows that nurses still persists with a fright for caring HIV and AIDS patients, in this research, the Indian nurses cognition and attitude towards HIV and AIDS are to be taken in the consideration. The nurse in India requires specialised accomplishments, preparation and up to day of the month cognition of all facets of HIV and AIDS. This survey chiefly points out the current and future function of the professional Nurses in supplying disposed attention to the patients with HIV and AIDS.
The mark samples will be Registered Indian Nurses working in Mahatma Gandhi medical Hospital in India, the nurses selected would be form different field of patterns. A non chance trying or Convenience sampling will be used in choosing nurses. Criteria for inclusion would be the current nurses working in the selected infirmary. Exclusion standards would be nurses with no clinical experience. The information aggregation tool utilised would be a structured questionnaire which would be mailed to respondents. Questionnaire used was antecedently done by the wellness attention workers analyzing writers ( laboratory staff and nurses ) in New Zealand to find cognition attitudes and concerns of nurses in workplace covering with HIV positive biological fluids. ( Siebers R W L, 1992 ) . The cogency of questionnaire determined the United Kingdom nurses relationship between attitude, cognition and extent of contact with HIV and AIDS. ( Robbins I, 1992 )
The questionnaire consisted of five subdivisions.
First subdivision would concentrate on the demographical informations
-Professional preparation
-Major medical country of pattern
-Years of work experience, and
-Any nurses late attended workshops or seminars on HIV/AIDS
The Second subdivision consists of Yes or No replying inquiries asking nurses sing their gloving pattern while managing biological fluids.
The 3rd subdivision would ask for the responses of nurse ‘s in managing different type of biological fluids and specimens.
The 4th subdivision would be utilizing a Likert graduated table for response by supplying statements with options of ‘strongly agree ‘ to ‘strongly differ ‘ .
The concluding and 5th subdivision concluded with proving the nurse ‘s consciousness of HIV infected biological specimens and methods to destruct the HIV virus.
A pilot survey would be conducted here with some qualified nurses here to look into the proper cogency and dependability of the questionnaire. A pilot survey is a little scale version of the research, the chief map is to size up the research and look into for any mistakes. This pilot survey helps in avoiding major errors subsequently in research ( Polit, 1997 ) . After worth the questionnaire will be sent to nurses in India with the proper alterations if required form the consequences obtained from the pilot survey. Nurses will be informed about the survey and its confidentiality. A covering missive will be given to the nurse sing the confidentiality and briefly depicting the usage of the survey. Consent is assumed by finishing a questionnaire. No hazards have been identified by this survey. Through this survey the nurse ‘s cognition towards the HIV and AIDS and their attitude towards the attention given to the patients can be assessed and besides therefore the proper attention and attitude towards the HIV and AIDS patients can be improved in the close hereafter.
Datas collected through questionnaire will be analysed interpreted by utilizing variables and relevant statistics. Entire clip of three months will be needed, directing and acquiring back of the consequences from the survey group.
Quantitative Study ( Burns, 2001 ) will be used for this survey to quantify factors placing the cognition and attitude of nurses towards the attention given to the HIV and AIDS patients. Quantitative is concerned with the Numberss of facts about people, events or things and set uping the relationship between variables, Descriptive design is utile for this survey as it is placing the current pattern jobs for the nurses caring for HIV and AIDS patients. The chief purpose of the descriptive design is to give an penetration of the respondents about the present survey. ( Burns, 2001 ) .Survey method will be used to administer the questionnaire, by the methods of get offing or emailing the inquiries to the Nurses ( Polit, 1997 ) . Non Probability or convenience sampling is utile for this survey as size of the population is impossible to place. De Vos ( 1998:191 ) .
As seen from the addition incidence of HIV and AIDS patients all over the universe. The wellness professionals should be good equipped and knowing to confront the fortunes. As nurses being the largest group in paramedical services they play a major function in caring the HIV positive patients. This survey chiefly concentrates on the degree of cognition and attitudes and concerns of the nurses handling the HIV and Aids patients, by which it helps in understanding the barrier of attention. By which nurses can be given proper in service instruction and cut out the spread between the attention given to the patients with HIV and AIDS. Nurses being in a medical profession should hold up to day of the month cognition sing a disease status and demand to be ready to give attention to the patient.

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