computer networks

Using Wireshark, analyze your IPv4 or IPv6 traffic on your machine. Run Wireshark for at least 10 minutes or give it enough time to capture some traffic. Do research the protocol selected (IPv4 or IPv6) and talk about what it does and the trends regarding encryption. Use the IPv4 or IPv6 traffic capture and analyze it providing information on what is happening. Compared your traffic to what you researched about the protocol.
Research and understand the following:

Network Layer
Network Layer Protocols (specific for those on the capture)
IP Addresses
Ping, ipconfig, tracert, netstat

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computer networks
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 What field does indicate if it IPv4 vs IPv6?

Is that on the data link or network layer?
Is the frame different depending if it IPv4 or IPv6?

Perform a “ping” command and locate on the capture.

What’s the payload of the “ping” packet? Is the payload important?
Does the “ping” response have a payload? Is the payload important?
Can you determine all the “pings” based on the TTL number?

What IP address have flags?

Demonstrate them.

Are there any IP address fragmented on the capture?

Demonstrate them.
Why fragmented? Assumptions? Facts?

Which IP version is the one that the capture has the most (IPv4 or IPv6)

Demonstrate and provide details

While capturing, perform and locate the following traffic produced by performing the following commands:


Identify and classify IP addresses by class if IPv4 or by other methods if IPv6
From the capture, can you identify the subnet mask of the network(s)

Explain and Demonstrate

Follow APA strictly

MS Word compatible documents are the acceptable format for uploading assignments in the portal. Assignments should be uploaded no later than the due date. The late policy is included under the General Course Policies section. Attention to detail, grammar, spelling, and neatness at the collegiate level is expected. Failure to follow APA guidelines will result in a poor class grade.

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