125 words agree or disagree to each questions 

Q1.  Happy week 7! Time is going by so fast, I cannot believe we are in week 7 already. We are SO close. I hope you are all having a great week and have had ample amount of time to review your final drafts. After reviewing the checklist, I realized that I still have some checking to do upon my final draft. I worked really hard on my paper and I want to ensure that I don’t screw myself over by missing small mistakes. I know I need to make sure I am correctly citing as well as giving credit where it is due. I feel that my paper flows pretty well. Professor Bond did a really good job on catching things that I did not catch when writing my paper. I made some grammar mistakes and definitely did not cite everything that I should have. This helped me in bettering my paper as well at my writing skills. I highly suggest that everyone double check their grammar and check for run-on sentences. Something that is also important is to ensure that you are supporting your topic and not going off topic. That can easily happen if you don’t take a break from writing during long periods of time. This is just from my experience. Making sure your point gets across is important to. Having a strong conclusion will make your whole paper. This paper was challenging to write because there is so much that goes into my topic. It has definitely helped me become a better writer overall.

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Q2. We are almost to the end of this class. Through out the last couple of weeks I have learned a lot of information about researching and writing papers. I feel like I have gained a lot of knowledge that will be pertinent to me in the future. Now that we are reaching the home stretch one of the final steps before turning in your research paper requires you to review your paper. In reviewing my paper, one thing that I read in the checklist was to make sure I follow the outline of my paper and stay on topic with my subject. As I was reading through my paper, I must make sure that all of my supporting topics are directly related to my paper and my thesis. This  helps to ensure that I am staying on topic throughout the paper. As I continue to read through my paper, I am checking to make sure that all of my questions are being answered throughout the paper, that my professor is not getting lost and I manage to stay on track with the subject.  Another area where I need focus when reading over the final draft is whether I meet the paper requirement and if the information on my pages are making sense 
One of the most important things to writing a research paper is making sure that the topic you chosen is one that gives you multiple ways to tackle it. With the topic I chose I was able to add in enough supporting details to either support or refute my stance on the subject . I was also able to find other information directly linked to my topic to help me further explain my position on the subject. 
When finishing up your final draft, there are multiple things I would recommend to students who are traveling down the same path as me. One of the first things I would recommend is to conduct a “spellcheck for grammatical errors, or jargon”(, n.d.). This is one of the most important errors that  students often miss and it can cause the individuals to lose points. One of the second areas where students should focus their attention is on checking the “language of the paper”(, n.d.) When re-reading a research paper, you must make sure paper is supportive and does not include an opinionated tone towards the subject. The paper should support or refute the topic, but not include personal opinions in the paper. Also eliminate any jargon or slang terms in the paper. How to write a Final Draft
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