Church Service Report

 Watch online: – Maybe God series
This topic requires you to attend or watch/listen online to a Christian church service and report on the presentation of Jesus in the service.

Pick a church service that you expect will be different from your typical experience.
Ideally, you should attend a “live” service with a congregation in your area (hence the “heads up” during week 2) but for some that may not be possible so there are some online possibilities listed in the “Optional Multimedia Resources” list this week, or you may search the web yourself.
Some of the online resources I listed were only audio, and that is okay, but video is better, giving you more things on which to report.
Many of the online resources included only the sermon portion of the service, and that is okay but again a larger experience gives you more “data.”

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Church Service Report
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After experiencing the service, write an approximately 750-word report which:


The specific church (name and location) — if you select “audiosancto” for a Catholic sermon this may not be possible and that is okay.
The Christian tradition of which it is a part (e.g. Catholic, Episcopal, Assemblies of God, non-denominational, etc.).
The date of the service.
The title or subject of the sermon,
Any biblical passages cited throughout the service.
The website address if it is an online service.

MUST include a description of how Jesus is presented, OR if he is not then your comments on why you think Jesus was left out of a Christian worship service.
MAY include a report on whether and how the presentation of Jesus differed from church services with which you are more familiar, or were expecting if you have not attended a Christian church service.
MAY include a further report on other aspects of the service (style, order, approach, etc.)

Note: Since this is a report of your experience, no other citations are necessary, so no specific writing style guide is necessary

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