Choose one of the questions below

Choose one of the questions below, and write a 550-word response.  Be sure to have a clear thesis that directly and succinctly answers the questions.  Provide a number of examples from the Narrative to support your claim.. Your response should be completed by the end of the day on Sunday, July 18.  (You should consider an early submission in order to have time for discussion and feedback before you take the midterm exam also due on Sunday).

1. There are a number of themes central to the development of Douglass’s Narrative of the Life.  Choose one from the shortlist below, and discuss various scenes and incidents from the Narrative that reflect or develop the theme.  

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Choose one of the questions below
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  • Ignorance Used as a Tool to Perpetuate Slavery
  • Knowledge as the Path to Freedom
  • The Impact of Slavery on Slave and Slaveholder
  • Slaveholding as a Perversion of Christianity and a Subversion of Democratic Ideals

2. Douglass defines freedom as more than an escape from slaveholders.  What is freedom according to Douglass, and how does he achieve it? Make sure to cite specific examples from the Narrative to support your claims. 

3. What does Douglass tell us about the ways in which slaves used culture as a buffer against the dehumanizing aspects of slavery?  [The way in which you define culture will be key to the development of your response].

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