Character Orientation

Values In order to make better transformations in life, I believe that change should start from within. I will exercise good values at all times, strive hard to be a better version of myself, will give my best in school, and I will never stop learning and working towards my goals. The little things we do everyday affects our future in big ways so it might as well be good. It’s also important that we keep our personal relationship with God strong and intact.
And let his blessings and miracles work in our lives. There are things we couldn’t avoid in our family like quarrels and disagreements. I am trying to be more patient and I try not to talk when I’m in a bad mood to keep myself from saying cruel things that I don’t even mean. Also try to reach out to them after every fight and ignore my pride, and in doing so, I can be at peace with myself too. I admit it’s not easy to forgive and forget but my love for my family is greater than any of that.
And I believe that everyone should do the same to maintain a healthy relationship with their implies. It’s easier to do great things with my friends in school. Everyday makes a huge difference. Thefts all very nurturing and supportive and they can expect me to do the same too. I will also continue to share my talents and teach them the things know. School activities can be very stressful but this is what makes us responsible, clever, disciplined etc. And some Of the essential values we need to succeed in life.

I’m not a very social person and I admit that I don t usually go out. Trying to come up with something that will make differences for our community is challenging. But maybe someday I’ll be able to support a cause, donate to charities, and use art to inspire and encourage people. For now, I will just prepare myself so that if I’ll be given the opportunity to contribute to something that will make great changes for our community, I will surely give it my best.

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Character Orientation
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