Case Study 5 pages

Please complete case study on the following by Tuesday 4/23 noon:

Case Study Vignette You are a licensed professional counselor who works at a local church’s community counseling center. You recently started counseling one of the church leaders (Leader X) and you discover that he has been viewing pornography. Leader X believes that his use of pornography is affecting his relationships with his wife, children, and members of the church. He is currently viewing pornography on the internet and is becoming concerned that this will lead to other problems. He does not believe anyone in his family or the church knows about the problem. In addition to the presenting problem stated above, you have also been approached by another member of the Leadership Team (Leader Y), who wanted to know if you were counseling Leader X and if so, what the details were regarding the treatment. Leader Y stated that he is concerned for Leader X and wants to make sure he is praying appropriately and supporting him. Leader Y insists on obtaining the information, stating that this is a matter for the Leadership Team and God. He also stated that the church would suffer without this knowledge and that your position with the counseling center may be threatened if you do not share these details with him and the Leadership Team. 

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Case Study 5 pages
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Questions: 1. How would you counsel Leader X (i.e., treatment goals and plan [include treatment plan chart], approaches used and why, and the ethical issues involved)? 

2. How would you handle the request of Leader Y, including the reasons behind your decision, and the ethical issues involved? 

Your writing sample should be in proper (current edition) APA style format (including APA style headings), 4-5 pages in length (pagination does not include title page, abstract, and references [which are required]), and accurate in spelling and grammar.

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