Case Analysis!!!

Read the attached case and analyze it according to the methodology. Use the case questions which follow. 
1. What are the short term and long term issues in the case.
2. Does DataClear own a distinctive competitive advantage? Use DataClear’s Value Chain to help your thinking.
3. Examine the general and task environment for DataClear. What does it tell you?
4. Performa SWOT analysis on DataClear. Be sure to include Opportunity Analysis Framework for Entrepreneurs in Chapter 8 to help your thinking.
    What does it tell you?
5. What is DataClear’s present Business Level Strategy? What is its Corporate Strategy?
6. Assume Susan’s A team approach is chosen: do you agree with the choice to open offices in Londan and Tokyo? Why or why not?
7. Assumne team B’s approach is taken: do you agree with Benro as a JV partner? Why or why not?
8. What are Geg McNally’s alternatives?
9. What criteria whould Geg use to determine his final decision?
10. Use a decision matrix to make a decision for Greg McNally. Explain the decison.
11. How would you implement your choice?

Double Spaced, 7-9 Pages.
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Case Analysis!!!
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