case #10

Now that you’ve read the Marconi Telecommunications Case (PDF) you will need to answers the questions below.
If you wish to view the rubric, select the gear icon on the upper right hand corner and select “Show Rubric” from the drop-down menu.
Element 1:
Answer the following in a well written comprehensive answer (no less than
350 words).

You have been hired as a consultant to Marconi to assist them in planning the execution of their Latin American strategy. They want you to help them answer the following question:  Will the current systems and processes be adequate to support the company’ s expansion into Latin America? If not, what should they do?

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case #10
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To answer this question:

a) Prepare an analysis of the organizational and individual problem(s) that exist, taking into consideration the fact that different cohorts (traditional executives, young internationals,  etc.) may have differing experiences.
b) Who should the company hire?

Element 2:
Cite a concept/idea/data from the chapter we are covering this week to support your answer. Include the page number in parenthesis and make sure it is clearly explained what you are referring to within the text.

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