Care Plan Essay

Care Plan:

The project is registered with the care inspectorate in accordance with the regulations of care (Scotland) act 2001. There are 5 flats with 5 rooms in each with 2 bathrooms and a communal kitchen/dining area. The service users are all different with various problems within their own lives there are there are many different nationalities within the project. ‘We provide the accommodation to meet your personal and support needs. ” Placement handbook page 22 Each flat has 2 keywords assigned and they are responsible for the service users within their flat.
The service users can talk to any of the staff within the Project at any time. There is a minimum of 2 staff present at any time 24 hours per day 7 days per week.. My role within he unit is to assist the service users with various different aspects of daily life I. E. Making sure that the service users sign on go to any appointments that is required of them I. E. Doctors, Nurse and if they have to attend any other agencies they require. I am also required to do flat and welfare checks which is carried out on an hourly basis to make sure all service users are k.
If there are any outings within the unit I am required to go along to assist the service users, also sort any mail that comes in and put it into the correct file for each service user and any general duties that is asked of me. I am also out at service users who are living in the outreach flats to talk to them about where they are wanting to do for their future, help with independent living skills also help with services users gain access to mental health services and alcohol and drug addiction services.

Service users might also need the assistance of a sexual clinic in which we will put them in contact with. Some service users want to go to college or enroll in projects which could be to do outdoor work, or working in voluntarily organizations. At the start of each day will read both the communications book and log book. This tells me hat has happened within the project since have last been in and if there is anything which is of great importance to watch out for. The project also has an outreach programmer which helps to house the service users within their own tenancy with the council.
At present I have been assigned to helping within the outreach programmer. The outreach workers help the service users when out in the community, I am helping service users with budgeting of money and any problems they might have with both in the tenancy and there personal life I have also been involved with service users moving into the outreach flats and when ready to move onto their own tenancy, in extreme circumstances the evicting of service users from the outreach flats.
Risk Assessments and reviews can change very quickly and these must be kept up to date at all times these are filled out on paper and onto computer, copies are kept in service users file which is kept in a locked filing cabinet with only the staff having access to these. When service users are moving on to the outreach flats their file is passed on to the staff there and they will then have a chat to the service user to see if the Risk Assessment is accurate and if any changes are needing to be made.
The service user whom am going to discuss is male aged 24 years and at present has moved from the project unit into 1 of the outreach flats and for the purpose Of confidentiality and the Data Protection Act 1 998 1 am going to call him Barry “Bag” Bag has been in the care system since he was a young child, he has 4 sisters 2 of which are older and 2 younger he also has 2 brothers 1 older and 1 younger. His mother has had mental issues over the years,. Due to this his 2 younger sisters were taken into care and eventually been adopted to another family out with his own family.
The family were in poverty due to his mother Ewing dependent on alcohol and drugs such as Amphetamines and Cannabis. “Downtrend’s definition, poverty of income does not stand alone but is attached to a network of lost resources, activities and opportunities the experience of being less equal. ” HEN in Social Care page 128. His younger brother at present is in prison, he is due to be released in a few months. Bag has 2 sons of his own aged 3 & 4 years old but at present has no contact with them due to a breakdown in the relationship with their mother. Bag is hoping to be in contact with his 2 sons in the future.
Bass’s mother is also in a omelets unit and under medication for mental health problems, this has been ongoing for a number of years. Bag has had own tenancy in the past, he lost the tenancy when he was incarcerated for 6 months due to him hitting a police car with a foreign object. He lost the tenancy due to no one living there and was declared abandoned. When Bag was released he turned to drink and drugs to cope. This is when Bag became homeless and lost all contact with his sons and siblings. He was “Sofa Surfing” for a number of months with friends or family, before arriving at the Project.
Conflict perspective could be linked to Bag as he is competing o keep his tenancy but because he was in jail this could not happen “According to Erikson, our ego identity is constantly changing due to new experiences and information we acquire in our daily interactions with others. ” Bag*s care plan has been quite complex as he has depression and is on medication on a daily bases, he also finds it hard to sleep at times which his medication helps with. Bag regularly attends his GAP and has been in contact with a CAP in the past for 8 months, also on Bass’s care plan is about his past drinking and the taking of drugs. A care plan is an action plan in working with service users. As plans are written down and shared with users, they emphasis the contractual nature of the service provided. ” Care in Practice for Higher page 253. The aim of producing care plans within my placement is to promote independence and help service users realist the potential in which they have, and help move on to gain their own tenancy with the council and to help promote their independent living. The care plans are achieved through communication with the service users. A warm, mutually satisfying relationship with clients is built on the foundation of good listening and talking. ” Care Practice for S/NV 3 page 95. Through care planning all individuals are treated with privacy, dignity and choice and agree on goals which are realistic to each service user. All service users have different needs and beliefs and these are recognized through the care plans made and regularly updated if any changes arise. The service users are referred to the project with their needs and a brief explanation of their background along with any other needs they might have.
The service user is then invited along too pre assessment interview and if required an interpreter will be called in to translate to anyone who might need it. The support workers within the reject explain about the accommodation that is offered and if everyone is happy with this then the tenancy will begin on a set date agreed on with both staff and service user. A file is then created with all the relevant information which is agreed by both parties. The service user will be assigned a flat and room which has 2 keywords attached to it.
The service user will then be told when their keynoters will next be on shift to meet them and arrange their first key work with the keynoter who will work with each service user within their “flat” to build up a relationship with and will at all times respect heir privacy, confidentiality, dignity and beliefs. At the time of filling out the forms each service user is asked to read over and sign their tenancy agreement accordingly in line with “The Housing Scotland Act 2001” this will safe guard both workers and service user.
The staff within the project all hold an HEN is Social Care or Q.V. level 3, some of the staff hold other qualifications all within the care sector 1 has a degree in alcohol and substance abuse and another is a qualified nurse which can be quite helpful as if anyone falls ill they can help until the ambulance or doctor arrives. The knowledge and skills which they have contribute to achieving the best possible care plan associated to each service user. “Communication is defined as the imparting conveying, or exchange of ideas, knowledge etc. ” Care in practice for higher.
As long as the service user is feeling comfortable and in a relaxed setting away from other service users and staff they will feel comfortable and open up. Good eye contact and body language is a must as well as the way the seating is arranged. Verbal communication should be in a relaxed manner and environment between the service user and support worker. Once all the information has been taken the staff member will type up the information that was discussed to ensure the care plan is accurate this is to avoid any misunderstandings which might have arose during discussion.
When both the serviced user and staff member is happy with the care plan this will be signed by both staff member and service user and put in the service users file and locked in filing cabinet as stated by the Data Protection Act (1998) The service user could be involved with other outside agencies which will have to be contacted in order to make sure that the service users re receiving the best possible care for their specific needs and continuity is achieved.
Review meetings are also held and all relevant workers from project and outside agencies are invited along the service user is informed in advance about the meeting and if they require to have someone present they can. At times the keyword will access various agencies in which the service user is interested in such as voluntary organizations to help with work experience, college courses or with their C.V. to help apply for jobs. The project also has a Bridging Team who come in weekly with helping service users with innumeracy ND literacy skills.
The project also has a group which meets twice a week to help with reading skills and teamwork, they will do cooking exercises, shopping trips and various other group activities which the service users would like to address. At the centre of good practice is Anti-Discriminatory practice as this is a positive way to help staff examine their own values and practice. ” Anti- Discriminatory Practice is not about treating everyone the same its about recognizing the differences, negotiating with service users how best to meet their needs, assert their rights and challenge the inequalities they face.
Care in practice for higher page 57. There is training with the company that examines Ant-Discriminatory practice within the workplace “Equality & Diversity” 1 day training. At the project they implement Anti-Discriminatory practice can be implemented within the care planning by promoting independence, maintain dignity, valuing others and their opinions and respecting beliefs in all. Miller states “A care worker is someone who respects you as a person someone you will trust who will be honest with you. Forming and nourishing a caring relationship is the most effective immunization between a service user and a support worker, if the care workers don’t have this then there will be no mutual respect and the service user wont open up to the support worker. In return the needs of the service user wont be met. When communicating with service users we must show the willingness to help and what the support workers role is and to help them understand that we want to guide them and achieve their goals. If a service user speaks in another language an interpreter will be called in to help translate.
Any care plans and forms that the service user will need to read an be brought into the project or using a translator app on the computer Listening to the service user is also a big part within the project. The staff must listen to the service user carefully and respond to them and if needs action then they need for this to happen. Everyone must be listened to and spoken to age appropriately and not spoken at. To establish and maintain an accurate care plan the service user must be consulted at all times as they are the one that knows themselves the best.
Bag meets the outreach staff on a weekly bases at his flat as its more private their for him to talk to the support worker. Bag also attends a programmer called Venture Scotland 2 days per week the programmer offers young people a structured 12 month programmer of adventure, conservation and personal development activities. This will help Bag with making positive relationships and team work. The staff their will also have 1 to Xi’s with Bag and if the staff at Venture Scotland then they will contact Bass’s support worker at the project with Bass’s permission.
If the support worker feels it’s relevant they will discuss this with Bag and reassess his care plan. Person centered planning is a process for continual listening and learning, sousing on what is important to someone now and in the future, and acting upon this in alliance with their family and friends. Bass’s situation is that he was estranged from his family, slowly he is starting to integrate with his 2 older sisters, his mother and 1 of his older brothers. Bag has had drink and drug issues in the past he has got mental health problems and at time has anxiety attacks.
I would apply Erosion’s psychosocial theory as one of the main elements of Erosion’s psychosocial stage theory is the development of ego identity. Ego identity is the conscious sense of self that we develop through social interaction. According to Erikson, our ego identity is constantly changing due to new experiences and information we acquire in our daily interactions with others. “Hope is both the earliest and the most indispensable virtue inherent in the state of being alive. If life has to be sustained hope must remain, even where confidence is wounded, trust impaired HEN Social Care page 78.
The homeless unit is important to the homeless as it’s a place they can start to call home and for many this could be the 1st place they have ever called home or for a very long time. The service will help the service users to live within society as independently as they can. We will work as a team to set out the goals and objectives that are specific to each service user, we will provide them with the correct tools which they require to live within their own life in the community.
The goals and objectives will continue to be re-evaluated as the person grows or if they have relapse or any other issues they require help with arises. The main objective of gaining a tenancy of their own is always achieved, however some service users need a longer time to gain their tenancy and to move on. This is where the support worker comes in and helps the service user to overcome to gain the tenancy they require. Bag was in the project for 3 months before he moved onto the outreach flat.
He has settled into the flat fine but is still needing some help from the support workers within the outreach team. Bag isn’t ready to gain his own tenancy yet as he feels it would be to much to handle at the moment. He is hoping to be over his fears within the next 6 months, by this time he is also hoping to be in contact with his 2 children by then. The project is to help others who are unfortunate to find themselves homeless and the staffs purpose or goal is to help each service user with the issues they have about their life.

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