Analyze the Etiquette of a Business Culture
Choose a country of interest to you.  Research 1-2 (credible) websites to conduct a cross-cultural comparison of business etiquette in your country.  Read and review all of the information you can about this country’s business culture and then answer the following questions below.
Directions: There are 4 discussion topics/questions for this forum. Minimum length requirement per question needs to be 1-2 full paragraph(s) (6-8 sentences is considered a paragraph).  To keep the forum clean, please follow these posting rules.

Start a thread (within this post). Your post will not show up for grading purposes in Canvas if you post outside of this forum.
For your first post, choose your topic and put the title at the top of the posting.
When you go to write your next topic REPLY to your first topic and so on and so forth. This keeps all of your original postings under your name only.
When you reply to your PEERS you must address them by name and post which topic you are replying to. (ie: Replying to The Audience)
You must utilize/apply textbook concepts and have a minimum of 2 in-text references (citations) for 2 of the 4 topics.
Postings that do not follow the instructions provided will not receive full credit.

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The 5 Most Intriguing Aspects of Your Culture

Explain substantively the 5 most intriguing aspects of the culture that you have selected.  In your answer provide examples of several cultural dimensions such as: Individualism & Collectivism, Performance Orientation, Assertiveness, Uncertainty Avoidance, and Gender Egalitarianism (as mentioned in our textbook). **You also must respond to one other student’s post for topic 1 in the forum. Your response should encourage further discussion on the topic and be completed in one full paragraph (6-8 sentences is considered a paragraph).

Five Aspects of Etiquette

Discuss substantively and provide five aspects of etiquette that you would observe when interacting with members of this culture. **You also must respond to at least one other student’s post. Your response should encourage further discussion on the topic and be completed in one full paragraph (6-8 sentences is considered a paragraph).

Three Relevant Cultural Dimensions

Choose three relevant cultural dimensions (underlying sets of norms and values) and explain how they impact business etiquette in this country.

Five Etiquette Questions

Write five questions about business etiquette that you would like to ask a person from the country that you chose.  Be descriptive and thorough.

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