Beowulf’s Defining Characteristic

Beowulf Essay Beowulf, like so many other heroes, is described as a great fghter and a man of tremendous strength. He has self-confidence bordering on insanity. He is willing to do whatever it takes to earn trust and protect his people. He chooses to fght Grendel, an invincible monster unarmed and unprotected because he is very confident in his own strength. Despite his many qualities that make him who he is, bravery is the defining characteristic of heroism in Beowulf.
Beowulf has a strong desire to demonstrate his bravery to others. He travelled to the Land of the Danes in large part to prove his courage by destroying Grendel. Just as he was about to kill Grendel, he offered a prayer to God. After the battle, Beowulf knew that he did not kill Grendel alone. He says that God allowed him to kill the monster and gave him all of the credit. Beowulf then fearlessly goes to Grendel’s mother’s underground lair after she attacks the mead-hall Heorot to avenge his eath.
Beowulf became ruler of the Kingdom of the Geats. His first task as he ruler was protecting the Geats from a fearsome dragon. The dragon was angered because a servant stole an ornamented cup from him. Before engaging in his biggest battle thus far, he remains brave and confident. Beowulf remembered all of his past victories and knew he had to stay loyal to his people, no matter what the challenge was. Through Beowulf’s bravery, strength, and loyalty, he earned the respect of many people.

His actions resemble one of America’s most important Political fgures, Martin Luther King, Jr. MLK and Beowulf both have the intentions freeing and protecting their people. Beowulf saved his people from giant, invincible monsters, while MLK saved his people from the monster of racism. The two of them showed an amazing amount of bravery while doing this. Although their hardships and battles were completely different from each other, their motives and intentions to save their people were nearly identical.

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Beowulf’s Defining Characteristic
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