Battle of the Beers

Case Study: Battle of the Beers Q1: what attributes are the most important in determining beer purchasing decisions? How does this vary by market segemts? The various attributes are Aroma Appearance Taste Aftertaste or finish Aroma A beer’s aroma is extremely important to its overall taste. The aroma determines the purchase decision of a beer. The market segments that use this attribute to purchase a beer are mostly experienced. The experience and the age determine the attribute. Appearance: The process of buying a beer begins with its visual appearance.
Many people make hasty judgments of taste (food or drink) based entirely on sight alone. But as far as appearance goes, what you’re looking for are color, clarity, and head retention. The companies need to focus on these attributes in order to determine a valid taste for beer buyer preference. Taste: Taste is one of the most important things which determine the purchase of the beer. The repeat purchase takes place when the taste of the beer suits a customer. A taste test would be the ideal test to be performed to exactly know what the preference of the customers is.
Aftertaste: (Finish) The term aftertaste is not a negative thing like many would believe. An aftertaste can be bad, or it can be good. It all depends on your personal preference. The aftertaste will magnify the good and the bad qualities a beer will possess. These are the four attributes which are important in determining the purchase decision of a beer. Q3: should television networks and stations accept advertising using comparative ad’s? what standards (and do) they use in making decisions? Standards of Beer advertising

Beer advertising should not suggest directly or indirectly that any of the laws applicable to the sale and consumption of beer should not be complied with. Brewers should adhere to contemporary standards of good taste applicable to all commercial advertising and consistent with the medium or context in which the advertising appears. Advertising themes, creative aspects, and placements should reflect the fact that brewers are responsible corporate citizens. Brewers strongly oppose abuse or inappropriate consumption of their products. The standards the television networks should follow are
Beer advertising and marketing materials should not portray, encourage, or condone drunk driving. Although beer advertising and marketing materials may show beer being consumed (where permitted by media standards), advertising and marketing materials should not depict situations where beer is being consumed rapidly, excessively, involuntarily, as part of a drinking game, or as a result of a dare. Beer advertising and marketing materials should not portray persons lacking control over their behavior, movement, or speech as a result of consuming beer or in any way suggest that such conduct is acceptable.
Beer advertising and marketing materials should not portray other brands of beer as low quality and standard than there beer. This technique should not be used only while advertising their product. Beer advertising and marketing materials should not portray beer drinking before or during activities, which for safety reasons; require a high degree of alertness or coordination. Retail outlets where beer is served or sold portrayed in advertising should not be depicted as unkempt or unmanaged.

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