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1) Read the Consumer Federation of America’s study on anticompetitive new car-buying state laws or similar studies online. How much does it estimate consumers would save if they could purchase cars directly from manufacturers online? 

2)  Read the article, “Why can’t you buy a car directly from a car company?”, about Tesla and their direct-frommanufacturer car buying model. What are the benefits of direct manufacturer auto sales?  

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3)  Another article, “Why Can’t I Buy Online Direct?”, answers this question and presents both sides of the argument. Are the concerns of dealers legitimate? Why or why not? Are the concerns of consumers legitimate? Why or why not? 

4)  What are the pros and cons of PCI certification for brick-and-mortar stores

5)  Go online and search for the term “third party escrow”. What legitimate function does this serve? Provide an example of a legitimate third party escrow service for Internet transactions. How has the third party escrow system been used to commit fraud on the Internet? 

Due: 2 hours
Format: APA


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