Assignment for Major Paper #1 – due in 4 days


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Assignment for Major Paper #1 – due in 4 days
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You need to write a well-developed essay on one of the following topics, and your paper needs to include information from at least three outside scholarly secondary sources as well as the primary material (the literature, art, or music).  In other words, although some of the content will come from you, you need to include some supporting information from at least three respected, scholarly sources (journals, books—not vague websites). You must be sure always to clarify where your outside information is; in other words, introduce it and then document it properly.  Failure to follow proper guidelines in the use of others’ ideas is plagiarism. Review Module 2 very closely before you submit this assignment.

  • Using at least three examples of literature–poems, stories, novels, essays, or plays–show how literature reflects human beings’ struggles with a particular expectation of society.  
  • Using at least three examples (at least three specific songs or three specific works of art), show how music or art reflects the importance and love of family.

(If you are at all confused about any of these topics, please contact me immediately.)

Your paper must be from 5-8 pages of text (not including the title and references pages); you also need to include a title page and a Works Cited (MLA) or References (APA) page.  Use either MLA or APA format. (When you document, you must correctly use an established format always. Be very careful as you follow either APA or MLA, format–there can be no guesswork here. 

Please read and reread the course handout “Tips for Academic Papers.”  Since this is your first essay, here is a quick review of necessary strong fundamentals:

  • Your paper needs a strong title.
  • Your first paragraph is the INTRODUCTION; in it you must move from the general (trying to get your reader’s attention) to a carefully stated specific THESIS STATEMENT, or statement of purpose.  This THESIS is the guiding star for your entire paper; it is the sentence which gives direction and purpose to your entire paper.
  • The body of your paper, composed of your DEVELOPMENTAL PARAGRAPHS, must develop that THESIS and must provide substantial support for it.  Each paragraph needs to be unified (sticking to the thesis-related point) and coherent (smooth and connected).
  • The final paragraph, your CONCLUSION, should round out your paper—it needs to remind readers of your THESIS (briefly) and then branch out and attempt to answer the question “So what?”  In other words, what is the significance of this thesis-driven paper?
  • You must use either MLA or APA format. You must document both within the paper (parenthetically) and at the end of the paper. Each of these formats has its own specific rules for documentation, and you must follow the format that you choose very carefully.
  • Include a correct Works Cited (MLA) or References (APA) page.
  • Remember the importance of clean prose.  You always need to allot enough time to proofread and edit your paper carefully.
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