Response in 1-3 paragraphs, relevent,  on topic, professionally written in college level dialog

Respond to these remarks, in 1-3 paragraphs with relevant college level content professionally written remaining on topic.
I do believe that capitalism is natural because beginning in the early times such as the biblical days, bartering was prevalent and there was trade for one item for another. For example, bartering began in the agrarian atmosphere where trading items such as barley for livestock or needs for a particular material or service was prevalent. As the banking world was created, the accurate account for equal trading of materials and goods was established. As time passed by, gold and silver became the standard bearer of trade and is (still) the common denominator when it comes to the value of trade and commerce:  “The use of money (minted coins) began in Palestine when the Persians ruled the land (530-330 B.C.). Gold darics, silver shekels, and minas were used to buy and sell things (Neh 5.15). Coins circulated from many different places. Even the Persian province of Judea was given permission to make its own silver coins. After the Jewish people won their independence under the Maccabees (164 B.C.), they again made their own coins.”1 As the above passage clearly states the aspect of capitalism has been around a long time. 
As far as Marx’s opinion of capitalism’s political aspect, there are larger than life individuals who own more than the “the little man” and hold more weight in the world economic and political arena, but there are also millions of individuals on the smaller scale who independently own their own businesses.  With the rise of technology and shortage of satisfying jobs in the workplace, many individuals are creating and using apps such as UBER, LYFT and GRUBHUB, which encourage various people to explore their minds and become entrepreneurs.  The survival curve in the United States is gradually changing from working for someone to becoming an independent business owner who can control his or her hours during the day and can dictate how much money they will make daily without the set rate of income dictated by another business owner.  The strong dynamic of America is that through immigration and creation of authentic and diverse businesses, it makes our country more economically viable relative to the world because of the showcase of attractive and essential goods for lucrative trade.  I believe Capitalism will not transform to Socialism in America because it will hinder the use of our diversity and talent provided via our melting pot of our nation. 

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